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If you have any problem in the nose i.e., bleeding, swelling, injury, germs, blockage, itching or evil smelling and you want to avoid visiting your doctor, just do as follows: –

[1] If your nose is watering or sneezing due to the effect of flu just take seven black MARI [spice] with water everyday in the morning for three days only. You will be all right

[2] You can as well take equal quantity of millet and salt and grind it in the mixture and make the paste in water and boil it and when it is tolerable hot apply on the forehead, nose, head and bottom of your legs and you have dismissed flue in three days.

[3] If you have awful smelling due to pinus, just put the drops of the urine of the donkey in your nose for few days and it will be all right.

[4] If you find your nostrils blocked, insert few drops of camel-urine in your nostrils when retiring once a day and it will open the blocked nostrils within six insertions.

[5] If you find swelling, infection, itching and germs in your nose just insert few drops of NIM OIL twice a day for about five days to get the positive results.

[6] If there is any swelling or itching in the nose just put tolerably hot caster oil in the nostrils or smell it and it will serve the purpose.

[7] If there is any injury in the nose, just insert few drops of ghee in the nostrils or smell the hot ghee for few minutes.

[8] If there is bleeding in the nose, just eat the pieces of frizzed ice and also rub the ice on the head and around the nose. No more bleeding.

[9] In the bleeding of the nose, take little building lime, crush in water and prepare the paste and apply the paste on the forehead.

[10] Using pot-makers ready mud or its cold water as the paste on the forehead or applying on head could easily stop nose bleeding.

When there is bleeding in the nose, the person affected should sleep on the bed with legs on the upper side than the head- no pillows to be used under the head.


© H. V. Kerai


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