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This happened in 1995 during my stay in London. It was my second year of the lovely marriage. My husband had gone to Wales on a business tour for few months. I really missed him especially during the Valentine’s Day. But he sent me a very huge beautiful card to bid me a very happy Valentine’s Day. That was very nice of him.

Soon after I saw a Jeweller’s car parked outside just in front of my gate. A young smart person with a beautiful tiny BOX got off the car. He knocked the door and I opened the door to receive the Jewellary Gift most probably from my loving husband. I was really delighted when the person handed me the box. But all my overjoyed disappeared when the gentleman glared at me and said very politely,

“Madam, just look after this Gift Box for the lady next door till she arrives.”

And I got really shocked when I read the note,

“To my darling Ema, from Stephen Your love”

Surely I was not Ema and she was my neighbour but Stephen was my husband.. Ema was still not married. What a disgusting VALENTINE DAY for me!                    ———————————————-


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