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Being a Hindu    (Pages:-47 Words:-10500)

It is a first person of a story narrated by a person from the orthodox Hindu family.
It talks of Hinduism as the ruling religion in the village and its net-work around. It talk of the beliefs of the orthodox Hindus and the lives of the Saints who are the rulers of the religious life in the village.
The author has tried to be very frank in his renderances. It is not his wish to criticize the Hindu Religion at all nor has he any wish to criticize the Saints of the Hindu Temples and the followers.
The topic is interesting for the educated class and for the outsiders or non-Hindus who show some interest in Hinduism.

The Unmatched Couple    (Pages:- 124 Words:-30050)

“The Un-matched Couple” is the colourful story of the striving life of a young village boy named Shomu and it is meant for the educated and matured class that by this time has gathered the true knowledge of the family life and social curse.
The story is entirely based on the true life characters in the disguise of Shomu and Dhanu. It concerns not only the evils of child-marriages but it also reveals some fearful consequences and evils of the pre-planned and arranged marriages. It is a red-light to the community which never bothers the difference in age of the couples to be, and their educational and maturity status. It is a warning to the class who abide by child-marriage system. Shomu the main character of the story is six years younger than Dhanu, the female character who comes to stay in Shomu’s house at the age of 14 when her husband is only of eight years. The plot moves around both of them and their feelings.
The author has tried to be frank enough to narrate the evils of the society and he is equally successful to bring out the high caliber nature from Shomu, the child hero of the plot.
The entire story-idea revolves around Shomu and it also ends with the entrance of true happiness in his life. Adultery, the evil device of society is properly challenged and is overruled by the generosity and patient character.
The theme and the back-ground of the story are very well balanced. The ugly character of Ramu the evil minded father of Shomu is well balanced against with the equally fair minded and good behaved Rupa, the mother.
The life of Hindu Saints is the extra attraction of the story. The reader gathers much knowledge about them which he has never heard of.
The story is gripping for the overseas readers who are rarely aware of the child-marriages and the arranged marriages in India. Shomu and Dhanu the chief characters of the story are not unfamiliar with the same generation of people above Dhanu s in has late seventieth still going on well.

Engaged@ 5     (Total pages 54 Words 12200)

A first person story of a person married at the age of five, Remarried at 10 and honey moon at 22. The Author has derived the story from the true life story of a person known to him and who is still living a happy life.
The real life story shows many ups and down in the Hero’s life as he travels to Kenya after the first marriage and his wife dies in India. He is compelled to marry again to the wishes of his parents on the condition of the completion of his advanced studies.
The main character of the story is a real HERO in all his renderances and he maintains his principal And promises by all means. He stays as a true bonafide community member at all events. He stays away from sex at all events and that is his winning point. Surrounded by girls, he manages to stay celibate.
His wife is sent to India after the marriage by her parents just because she was moving with her husband in public places and also because she was visiting her husband at his house.
The wife faces several difficulties in India as she was new in the rustic atmosphere. Her parents were in Kenya and she was kept under the care of her orthodox minded grand mother who was very strict with her.
When the husband learns about her situation he rushes to India and tries to settle her at his home.
His parents are not very co-operative with him in the beginning when he thinks of taking his wife on tour for a good change. He faces lots of ups and downs due to orthodox system among his relatives. He plays it cool and managed to bring the situation under control.
He is unable to go to Kenya under the circumstances and stays in India to make her wife happy and his married life workable. He really sacrifices for his wife and takes life practically. Later on he travels to Kenya- a country of his mission and is pleased to see several changes and tremendous progress by the African rule. He tries to settle in the new atmosphere of an independent Kenya.