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About the Author

Dr. H. V. Kerai (Ph.D.)

(“Hall of Fame” Awardee)

Dr.Kerai was born in Kutch India in 1940, educated in Kenya and later on a degree course in Ayurved Medicines in India.

He outshined as the National leader in Kenya in between the period of the years 1982 to 1995 as a key member in several prominent organizations. He served as the Provincial Chairman of Handicaps in Kenya for long. He served as the Hon. Secretary Branch Chairman and the National Vice Chairman of Hindu Council of Kenya. Since then he served as a prominent Social and Religious worker in India.

He is a well known writer, lecturer, journalist and an Ayurved Doctor. His PhD on Spiritual Science has brought him great fame in the educated class. He has given several lectures on the subject to a good attendance in the major towns of India and overseas. His lectures on “Prescription of Happy marriages” have been very popular.

He has traveled several western Countries as a freelance lecturer.

He writes effectively in Gujarati and English and speaks very impressively to a mass clapping. He has written and published several books in Gujerati and English.  He is a man for people of all sorts regardless of race, colour and religion. He has outshined as an outstanding Social Worker in Kenya and India especially in Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay.

He is prepared to do the some in England.

His public relation is outstanding. He works hard for LOVE, PEACE and UNITY wherever he goes.

He seems to be a born leader as he has served several social organisations with great success as the key figure in Kenya from the very young age. He had been a good writer in English and a public speaker while he was in school.  He had also given his notable services for the freedom struggle of Kenya. He maintained very cordial relations with the first President of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. He was in good touch with the second President Moi. He was often seen with the President on Kenyan T.V. in National Programs. He also accompanied the President during his official visit to India.

He outshined as a very popular and efficient fund raiser for the needy causes and traveled throughout the country to help needy people at large. His programs on Kenyan T.V.were very popular.

He is a firm and prominent Swaminarayan follower and serves the religion in cash and kind whole heartedly. His religious functions have been very popular.

He visits London now and then to be with his two sons and a daughter who are settled in London for long.

Dr. Harjibhai Kerai was recently awarded with the prestigions Certificate of Merit Citizen Award institute of Great Britain (BCA) for his outstanding voluntary and Social Services as a British Citizen in Kenya, India and Europe.

Wishing him a very healthy and prosperous future…