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Why it should happen?


I had a case of a young person aged nearly 25 years, yet un-married. He complained of his organ being stiff and found erected even without any sexual instinct at events. It became so without his knowledge and he was worried about the situation.

He found problem in urinating when the penis was stiff. He had to force to urine out and he got urine at intervals… After urine, he found some sticky liquid over the organ which sometimes poured out. He never thought of sex nor did he read any sexual literature and he also avoided seeing sexual films. He was never provoked sexually and was far from sexual atmosphere.

Now he needed my treatment for the cause as he was afraid if it continued like that, it might affect his married life. Now he wanted to know the reason behind the problem and the treatment for the cause.

I studied his case and I told him that he did not require any special medical treatment as such but I could very well advise him and show him some precautions to get rid of the problem that would vanish within a couple of months.

When the organ became stiff without any sexual instinct, it was the cause of old constipation, gastric problem and the U.T.I.  Problem, not a very serious issue as such.

It was because of holding urine and stools for long due to some circumstances. The reason was: the outlet for the urine and sperms is the same in the male. Now when urge for urine and stools is hold for long, the stock within prolongs the sexual gland of the male and consequently the organ of the male becomes stiff or even erected for long without any sexual desire. It becomes difficult to pour out urine smoothly at that time.

I advised him not to hold urine or stools for long any more and he should find the source as and when required… After pouring out urine, he should clean his organ with cold water at every event of urination. He should as well pour cold water over the organ if possible. He should take cold tub-bath every morning and evening. He could as well put even mud pads around the area of testicles at night. He should avoid gastric and acidic food from his diet… He should make sure to empty his bowl regularly. He should go to urinal before sleeping and if need arises he should also go for urine at the middle of the night. He should try to avoid drinking water or cold drinks late in the evening or at night.

He did not need any special treatment for the ailment but he had to take some tablets for his gastric problem and of course the constipation. He was supposed to avoid certain type of food for that.

His problem was sorted out when he followed my above instructions and he got married soon and he had no problem at all in his married life.



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