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All religions claim that God is everywhere – but nobody ever believes it in practice. The preachers even propagate in their preaching that God resides even in tiny insects and animals and still we find in today’s world the killing of such living things to the good knowledge of the religious people who say so.

The Christians endeavor to find the true God in the Church or in the Holy Bible. The Islamic world thinks of Allah to be in Holy Kuran, Mosque or in the Holy Namaj. The Hindus strive to get in touch with Ishwar or Bhagwan in the luxurious temples or in the Holy Geeta.  The Buddhists of Far East worship and pray God in the Pagodas and they also consider Him to be in all living creatures.

Each and every religion has its own image and name of the God. Some of them even take God to be of no special resemblance. Theophists consider the ‘Light’ to be the truth and the only God. The scientists perceive that there is no room for the personal God in this world. They see Him as an infinite force. Some worship God in a particular image; others have no image of God. Sikhs and Islam presume God as shapeless and formless. They worship their holy books. To some, God is something very attractive and beautiful. To others God is with a fearful shape.

Every one has his own belief of God. Most of us believe that there is something in material in us which is linked with a superior being who is invisible, but who keeps the account of our life even after death, who sees everything and everywhere, which the world assumes to be the Almighty God.

If we study the various religions of the world, we come to know about HUNDREDS of Gods worshiped by both civilized and non-civilized people. All those religions invented by man, created the images of Gods of their own.

In the Churches, the God is worshiped as the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is worshipped as the true Son of God. The learned people have defined God as: – ‘A rich feeling in the pit of the stomach’.

The primitive tribes carve the God in a piece of wood, glaring with frightful face. They think of him somebody powerful who would not dare to punish them if they did evil. So they worshipped a frightful image of God. Hindus consider God to be a heavenly father – a super natural human with a beautiful complexion. The Buddhists think of God as ‘power divine with image of Him.

The moves to Goal’. Mohammad’s Allah was not certainly Allah who sectioned the sword as a means for conversion.

Moses came down from the mountain where he received the commandments from God and people worshiping the Golden calf. The idea of Jesus differed vastly from that held by the Pharises of that era.

Whatever the thoughts of an individual may be, it is good and beneficial for his survival as far as he believes in God in any form of his choice. Anything which helps you to believe truth is good for you. God is the only truth in whichever form he is searched, to all human of whatever category or civilization they belong. God is good and that is enough for the maintenance of civilization and the order of law on this earth. He is kind and generous to all who believe in Him. But God is invisible to majority of the people. Only His very devoted pupils might see His image.

Most of the religions have drawn God as the good person who cares and saves others. God is a super human whose blessings really work. As man is unable to control nature, streams, moon, sun, wind, it is believed that they are all controlled by God. Similarly the birth and death are also the bi-products of Almighty Lord.

God is present in each of us. But we lack the sight to perceive Him. We have no right efforts to seek Him. The secret of life is that the right place for the God is within us. We are the true Churches, Temples, Mosques and Pagodas for our God. We are all one in Him and there is no place in this world where we can’t find Him.

He is there when we think of Him, but at many instances we forget His existence…We just remember His existence during difficultes, ill-health and failures. What a different world we would live, if all of us living persons were aware of his presence in ourselves? At all events we would be living in the world of glory, pleasure and divine achievements if we remember Him throughout our lives through thick and thin.

If only we could explore the God within ourselves, we would not run blindly after science and ignore Nature, we would not tremble ourselves when we are challenged by death. We would not tame the murderous science just to destroy the human race.

Instead we could utilize the atom power in the benefits for peace and progress. The wars and battles would not be fought where innocent citizens are massacred without any special purpose. Instead, the guns and swords be turned into ploughs and spades to produce more food to save the world from the threat of hunger. It is shocking to learn the cruel fact that we are spending more in terms of finance as well as energy to destroy than to save.

There would be rulers who would rule in His name bringing peace and stability the world had ever known. There would be no blood-shed and merciless killings only if we knew that God resides even in them whom we kill for our lusty desires.

Man had strived to find the true existence of God since ancient times in various ways. He had even sacrificed himself to search for God. He had tried to dig all the religious literature and undergone all meditation tactics. He has traveled as far as Moon and deep in the sea but so far no where he has rightly and truthfully claimed to see Him.

All his efforts are useless because none of them are in the right approach. He goes to find God in the sky, far in the forest, deep in the under world, in the lonely caves and in the hot deserts. He even endeavored to find his presences in church, temple, mosque and pagoda but to his failure. He changed himself to priest, saints, Monks, Munis and Mullah’s just in the hope of being nearer to God. But he faced the failure at most events. The more he endeavored to be near to God, the further he strided from Him. Sometimes, he went in the adverse direction in search of Him.

But he had never tried to search the true existence of God within himself, the true residence of God where he never misses Him at a………………………………………ny event. If he can find the mighty Lord in all living things, only then can he well understand the divinity of his holy soul which hosts the mighty Lord. The mighty soul is the true residence of God. If one wishes to get hold of the Lord in the true sense, he should try to understand the soul first which is within yourself till the time of your death.

To understand the soul is to understand you. If we can understand our body as the residence of the soul and the soul as the abode of God, then we are never far from Him.

A man should learn to make his soul like his temple; his surroundings like heaven, his acts like his sacrificing worship. He should be used to see the Lord in all living things, serve Him in the ignorant….. There is no other life superior to this. There is no world higher than this and there is no salvation greater than this.

God in true sense is regardless of colour, race, sex, creed or religion. He is everywhere where there is belief, truth and good Will. He is in faith and sacrifice. To Him, we all are equal. To Him we all are the loving children and He is ever available to look after our requirements, in different images and abode. He is the father to all who look at Him as such. To Him there is no rich or poor, an educated or uneducated, a white or a black. He is the father of all human beings who have one colour of the blood running in their veins and that is red. We are still to see a person with yellow, black or any other coloured blood.

God has particular image although He is everywhere, in everyone, at all events in one of the other image. The best and sure place to find Him is in us and at our home.

Lord Krishna of Geeta or Shreemad Bhagwat, Lord Rama of Ramayan, the universal Gods of present Hare Rama and Hare Krishna movement have their special images. So has Lord Buddah, a Lord of non-violence and with disciples of China and Far East.

All the incarnations of the supreme Lord of universe Lord Vishnu or Narayan as he is known, has the image according to His names and recognition.




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