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Why Without a Child when all Reports were Normal?


I had a case of a couple who have been married since five years but have no child. When I went over their report files I could see everything alright with both-husband and wife. The reports were from the famous laboratories and physicians consulted were no ordinary doctors. Health of both was normal and no one had any bad habit.

Then what could be the problem? Both were happy with each other so there was no question of negative sexual relation. They had neither used any contraceptives which might be the cause of hindrance. None of them even had a wish to avoid pregnancy which could be another cause.

I had to go in the deep details of their sexual relation as even the timing and fertile days were given by the doctors that have not worked.

When I asked the wife about the type of sexual intercourse they were performing and the time taken, her response was positive. But she gave me the hint that after the intercourse at night, when she went for the first urine in the morning she found whole lot of sperms of her husband being poured out. Or at events the sperms were poured out in her clothes little time after the intercourse.

That was more than enough for me to know. I had found what I needed most. The hot natured womb of the wife could not settle with the sperms of the husband and as a result the sperms with her liquid were thrown out before mating of sperms and ova in the uterus… If that was the case, then there were no chances of the wife to be pregnant.

The acidic hot womb should be treated for the possible mating. The previous doctors had never gone in the particular issue neither the couple had mentioned about it to them. However that was overlooked cause by the previous physicians. Surely such a deficit would never be seen in the laboratory reports.

The wife was taking lot of chilies and hot spices in her food. She used lot of lemon and tomatoes in the vegetables. I advised her to avoid all chilies, sour and oily foods for time being and take more of sweet fruits and lot of cow milk. She should also avoid all gastric foods as gas also played major part in throwing away sperms from the acidic womb.

I also advised the husband to do the same and stay on the same diet as if his sperms were also acidic, it may also give the similar results.

And after the end of the fifth month, the couple had come to my clinic for the pregnancy report which turned out to be positive.





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