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We can spend many hours of our daily life worrying about the things that never happen or are never going to occur. We waste hours in fear of the event which never comes.

Many of us, perhaps the majority, worry about what other people think of us. Surely, the people with different thought power would think different about us. They might think of us without ever going deep in our life.

We even fear the sudden approach of some of our relatives who were not in our touch for long. We are afraid that they might have come to us for a certain help, perhaps money.

We are in constant fear that perhaps our loved ones will leave us if we tell them certain things. Because of that kind of fear in our minds, we hold back from telling them the truth. By doing so we are not being fair in our renderance as elders.

We always tend to move toward something that is pleasant, but the other side of the coin is that we back off from something which is intolerable just because we are worried of the consequences.

We must think about every decision we make every day. We have to be aware of why we do certain things. Do we get up early in the morning just because we are totally passionate to start the day very fresh and pleasurable? Or did we get up so early because we were afraid of our boss reprimanding us for being late? The fact is that we get up early in the morning either because we wish to, or because we are compelled to do so. We should always be in a position to decide what is for our own good.

We are compelled to do certain things in our lives because of external pressure from other parties, or because we are afraid or worried about what other people might think of us.

There are people who fear being ignored or rejected so much that they let the opportunity to meet someone new pass them by. Fear of pain is the primary motivational factor here. But if that is the case, how much pain will they have to face for the rest of their lives if they thus remain alone with their massive pain instead of possibly being rejected with only minor pain? If they had the choice, surely they would choose minor pain over a lifetime of lonely agony?

If we are in constant fear of what other people will think about us when we take on a new venture, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to succeed in the venture. Our minds should be trained to deal with this. With the help of our minds, we should be able to take the right decisions and move further instead of being confused and do nothing. We should never work under fear.

Take things in the right direction with the right decision. Never do anything in fear of others or under the pressure of worry. If you do the right things you need not to worry about anything, but if you do the wrong things then you are not only worried, but also afraid.

Self-conscious people fear ridicule. Therefore they are careful not to place themselves in a position to invite ridicule. In such circumstances, a particular person wonders what other people will think if he acts in a certain manner. In the long run, however, he will be assured that people think well of him.

Do the right thing and go ahead without any fear or worry. Why to worry and stay under fear if you have done nothing wrong. Always side with the right thing and never think of harming any one in your touch.

Any type of worries or fear will surely block your progress of life. You would hardly succeed when you are under the load of worries or fear. One should fear God and no one else in daily life. You are under fear when you do certain thing wrong and that is normal.

But un-necessary worries and fear might make you sick for nothing. Constant worries and fear affect your health and it becomes very difficult for even a good doctor to cure you once you are sick of worries and fear.




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