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A young smart looking lady of twenty-two enters my clinic, sits quietly on the chair with a gloomy face and a shy smile.

She complains of her tiny pair of breasts, which according to her are under developed and have stopped growing further. She is ashamed to see the breasts of the younger girls of her age and relation, more developed and more attractive than hers and still growing and her’s have not shown any further development since last three years.

She also confesses that whenever she happens to look at the grown up breasts of other young ladies, she is very much envious of them and feels pity for her. She is very much worried and confused about her breasts that she could not settle her mind in her daily work. Neither can she enjoy her married life properly. Obviously, she was under the chant of inferior complexity.

She says, she gets regular and proper menses. Her husband, she told me, is a very understandable and co-operative person. He has never criticized or complained to her about her tiny breasts and instead condoled her at events and advised her to accept the reality. He also allowed her to look for a medical treatment if it could work in her case, without any worry of the finance.

She consulted the nearby doctor who gave her some capsules and a cream to massage on breast. She did it regularly for three months with not a slight hope. Another doctor gave her the course of fifty heavy and expensive injections of hormones, which also did not work.

The breasts seemed to be developed for time being under the course of injections.  The bra- seemed to be tight and she had to buy another pair of larger size for her breasts to fit in. She was really delighted to see that at the first instant. Two weeks after, the situation returned to the original. She became very upset to see the setback. She talked about it to the doctor and she was told to have some more patience. She had patience more than enough but it did not materialize.

She did not give up. She also applied some domestic treatments according to the advice from the experienced old-aged women but so far nothing had made her happy. She also maintained some beliefs of the particular deities and pledged to donate certain items if her breasts were developed. Still she was awaiting the blessings from the deities.

She had heard from a friend of hers that the type of the cases were being successfully handled by Shreeji Clinic in Anjar and she had come all the way to my clinic from Rajkot, a town nearly 200km from my place.

She had a real cause to worry. Her tiny breasts would really upset her and would not allow her any peace. According to her physical appearance the breasts while seen naked were really a setback for an enthusiastic young lady. I realized her fear and seconded her worry. Her pair of breasts appeared like those of un matured girls of 12 years. That tiny size surely would never allow her to be a mother. It could not satisfy her husband who although not happy with the tiny and under developed breasts never complained about them to  his wife.

I could easily make out from her stiff nipples and the blackish surroundings that the breasts would grow if only the muscular glands –which seemed to be non-active-could be made active. Moreover she was under weight and the increase in weight would also add some flesh on the chest.

I just condoled her and took over her case. I had to inject the confidence in her mind that she may grow the breasts in no time to her satisfaction and she should do away with worries and tame hope.

In the meantime she may put on the breast –pads with a stiff bra to show the developed size and shape of the breast to the outsiders. This I thought was important to lessen the effect of inferior complexity of her mind.

Soniography of the breast was taken which did not reveal any defects. Lungs were normal. Chest as a whole did not show any negative set-up, but the cavity muscles seemed week with no enough flesh-cover.

I decided to have her blood report and I made it. She had blood-deficiency-anemia and the hemoglobin ranked to 8.5 only. E.S.R. roared to the height of 65. Her weight –the scale could not move above 44kgs, even under pressure to the height of 5’3”. This was less 12 kgs as per her age and height.

Hemoglobin must arrive at the figure of at least 12 and the weight against her height of 5’3” should compromise at 54 to 56kgs, which could be able to increase the size of the breasts to an adult stage. There were sure chances of her breast-growth, if she could increase her weight with flesh.

She was advised to take plenty of fresh salad twice a day with cucumber and carrots in excess. She should take enough fruits especially bananas and black gripes after breakfast and super. She must leave aside all soft drinks and adopt milk in abundance preferably with a rose milk shake. Pista-badam or keshar ice cream would be an ideal item for her. Basmati-rice with curd in the lunch would be appropriate. Sugar-can if chewed instead of juice would be better for her. I also advised her to use only magnetized drinking water.

She was recommended regular walk early in the morning before breakfast. An evening walk of about 2kms and the nighttime walk after food were also prescribed.

She was also supposed to join yoga classes and insist on yoga, which would develop her breasts in general. Regular massage of the breast with the special Ayurvedic oil, Shatavari or Ashwagandha was to be done before the breast-developer was used. I also prescribed her to take one tablespoon of Satavari Granuals twice a day with milk in the afternoon session and Ashwagandha powder, one full tablespoon with milk in the morning session at the intervals of two hours.

The course seemed to be time consuming, a bit tire-some in the beginning, but very interesting and fruitful. The lady let us know her as Rita, reported to my clinic after 25 days and she showed good progress on her treatment. No more gloomy face and no shyness. Instead a healthy smile and a confidential outlook.

At the end of the month her hemoglobin moved to 9:5 and her weight to 47kgs.The tiny breasts had grown the wings and showed green signal. There had been some changes in the diet according to the availability and the weather.

At the end of the second month her healthy, smiling greeting reported the progress before she could express it. The thick layer of flesh over her whole body could not hide her progress. The breasts could not settle in the previous bra and she did not need a pad or the hard bra anymore. The weighing-scale was dancing at 50kgs, and the hemoglobin mark in the blood report glittered at 10:5. Very politely the E.S.R. had settled to 12. She had already asked for the new measurement of the blouse as the existing ones were bit too tight for her now.

Rita’s tone, her voice, her movement and all her gestures were bonded with confidence and achievement. At the end of the sixth month Rita was accompanied by her good-natured husband and a packet of sweets meant for a doctor who had changed the total mode of her life from hell to heaven.

Rita appeared to be a total woman from the top to the bottom with very attractive physical features and the ever-smiling face. The good husband was content to see his wife happy.

The last report of Rita also pleased me to see Naturopathy and Ayurved combined overtaking the much acclaimed Allopathic…Her weight had risen to 54kgs and that was quite enough with the hemoglobin figure glittering at 12:5.Her BP tuned at 120-80 with pulses at 75. The appearance of her developed breasts over-flowed with a bulk of joy and gross happiness on her glittering and smiling face.

And after the lapse of few months I got the telephone call from Rita giving the good news of her being pregnant.




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