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One in every three children on the Indian continent live on or below the average poverty line. Thousands of children are in orphanage homes. The others are on the street as beggars, pick-picketers or trouble-makers. The question of street-children is booming along-side with child abuse. Thousands of children under the age of fifteen are at work at several sectors. Child labor is in abundance. Although the child labour is prohibited in most of the states of India, the children around eight years of age are found working hard for their survival or to feed the entire family at times.

Several organizations have endorsed their vital machineries to remove such children from the street. They have really endeavored to remove children from the sites of work and tried to settle them with educational program by opening rescue centers and Rehabilitation centers.

The life of a child under difficult circumstances is understandable. N.G.O.,’S and the other sponsors or donors would come into to see what they can do about those ignored, neglected children roaming in the streets or engaged in a child labour for a possible survival.

What about your children whom you can’t provide proper education and even food and shelter, to your standard? You have maintained your standard to a high caliber. You can not send your children in the slums-area school. You can’t force them to put on ordinary and secondhand clothes nor can you tell them to live on one lunch a day. You are not happy to see your children not participating in some programmes due to lack of finance. And again you can’t sell your house or a car to educate your children. You may take the loan from the place of your work or a friend or a bank. At events you are unable to repay the agreed loan on time. You are not happy with the situation. Sometimes you find it burdensome to maintain a number of children at a time.

The need of another child stands before you like a mad dog and again you are in dilemma. You have hardly achieved the sources and means possible to maintain one child and the next is on the way. It is a damn problem for you and a real quiz to sort out.

Under the circumstances the third child is really a headache for you. Sometimes it becomes impossible for you to maintain the life of your children according to your present status.

Why do any of us bring a child into this world without ever thinking of his future and planning, or looking ahead…? How can we be so careless to become parents without ever thinking of the reality of the life? How could we come under the pressure of our parents and friends and bring children to the world without ever budgeting their future? Why should we for our pleasure of sexual life mate with the wife without using any contraceptives and her fertile period?. Why can not we take care to avoid extra pregnancy when we have had problems to bring up the child in care?

Are you really ready to pay the right price to become parents? Can you really afford to become the parents of number of children who need a particular standard of up-bringing? Are you really ready to pay the total costs of being the parents?

The cost is infinitely greater in every sense than money alone. Becoming a parent, is the biggest commitment you have to make. It is neither a joke nor an easy lesson. Being a well reputed person or a regarded person in the society is not enough. You should be a good parent in all senses.

Several of us think to have a baby. But babies in reality are like kittens or puppies and they become cute and ready to be educated in an amazingly short time.

Then you will have to face the reality…. There is no way you can avoid the need of the child when you are facing problem on the payments of the daily needs of your family. The money you need on food, clothing and education and the other needs of the child in growth can’t be over-looked. And a baby is not a T.V. or a radio or a refrigerator that either you stop using it when you can’t afford it or you return it back to the dealer if you are unable to pay the installments. The price of having a baby is not just for equipping, keeping and feeding it.

Sometimes you can hardly meet the medical expenses of a baby. The birth of a baby effects to mother in abundance, time and the cost factor and the health of course. She has to leave aside her other commitments while fulfilling her role as a good and responsible mother. You can not expect your wife who is also a mother to be what she was before the arrival of the child. She can not be so even if she wishes. She would be more a mother than a wife. Under the circumstances the sexual life is highly affected. She is never to be blamed for that.

No one ever tells you the real truth about pregnancy- the loss of self-hood, changes of the breasts, stomach, thighs and the other parts of the body. The whole figure of women is changed due to extra delivery. The health of a mother who is your wife is never maintained properly at most of the times. There will be extra expenses on her maintenance of health. You can not avoid it. The third pregnancy will surely change the mood of a woman and a third child without her consent is a hell of tension and worries for her.

The cost of having children is not met properly and to the right tune in the modern society. No proper planning is done before thinking of having an extra child in your family. Having a child is not difficult at all but to bring up the child to his total requirements is not easy especially for a working class.

There are several NGOS and organizations who work hard to meet the requirements of the children of poor people and those ignored ones. Their requirements will be looked after by certain generous people. But how about your children who are not in that category and still lack the requirements?

Your children can’t come under the category and you will have to pay a high cost for the required care of your children until they stand on their own.

If your child is unable to live a happy and peaceful life on his own in future when he is grown up, it is not his fault but as most events it is your fault as you have brought him in this world without proper planning for his requirements and future.

It is really a long way struggle for your child without ever having a peace of mind. He can not be what he intends to become. All his cleverness and brilliant talents are in vein if they are never utilized the right way. He is forced to start earning at the earlier stage when he had a wish to be either an Engineer or a Doctor. He is far from being what he wanted to be. He is not the master of his future but a mere tool of the circumstances. He will leave aside the right things and follow the wrong things when he is unable to meet two ends.

So it is high time to think of another child in advance if only you are capable of giving him the right survival, only if you can fulfill his requirements as per his talents and cleverness. Otherwise it is much far better to stay with one child until you are capable of looking after the second one to its standard and need.




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