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I had a case of a young girl named Nikita, 16 years of age with a beautiful complexion. She had a complain of her hair fall, excess of dandruff, acne in full face and black spots under eye-lids… She had also an excess of white discharge before menses. She could not sleep well and had fearful night mares.

From my long time experience of such cases, I realized that all those symptoms were seen due to her puberty. Then there was mental tension due to sudden changes in her uterus and breasts. She did not need any drugs for her problems as such. She should not take it very seriously as a part of sickness. She should not worry about her breast-growing problem. She should not have any tension over the matter. She should play it cool.

She should avoid all fried, salty, chilly and sour items. She should also avoid gastric food. Instead she should take more of fresh vegetables and sweet sour fruits- oranges, apples, grapes and pine-apple could be alright for her. She should have early morning walk in the green garden and also evening walk in the fresh air.

Still for her satisfaction and for the faster results I prescribed her with the mixture of shatawari, Amla, Galo and Gokhru with Jethimadh in equal ratio and to take 3 to 4 gms of it every morning and evening with cow milk. She should avoid buffalo milk. She could as well use kankumadh oil for the face to remove acne.

She should not rub the acne with the nails, not by mistake as it will leave black scars for ever.

And when Nikita came to my clinic after six weeks, her face glittered with new freshness and nothing of the sort of her previous complain was there. She was perfectly alright and as a result she had come with her college-friend who had the similar problem.


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