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The human body is a storehouse of diseases. It is not possible to keep one’s body ever healthy. Even the very healthy person falls ill at times. Surprisingly enough even the physicians and saints are found sick.

There are some diseases which are not man-made. Some ailments take place through the sun, moon, stars, weather, day or night, and the seasons, all of which are out of human reach. Some natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, drought or cyclones cause various kinds of sickness. Even a person’s circumstances can be responsible for certain types of illness. And mood also plays an active part in hindering or healing the health of a person.

If someone falls ill, we sympathize with him and if all the relevant people sympathize with him, there is every chance of his early recovery. Sympathy works as a very effective curing ointment. If sympathy is used as a therapy, it is very effective for hastening recovery from illness. This is a proved fact and no doubt should arise from the statement.

We should always sympathize with sick, aged and disabled persons. Doctors should not only show sympathy towards their patients, but should also show love towards them. A doctor’s love towards his or her patient will assuredly help fast recovery.

Even the very difficult cases would be sorted out more easily if those affected were shown love and sympathy. Prescribing very expensive, powerful drugs, and using the best possible instruments to cure patients will not succeed without showing them sympathy as well.

Although rough and rude doctors can be successful in curing their patients, they do not have such a high success rate as those who show their patients love and respect. The loving attitude of a good-natured doctor is the prime factor in the healing process. Some patients with mental illness do need sympathy and affection to help them recover.

It is generally found that doctors with loving natures are liked more by the patients, although their treatment often takes longer. It is the kind nature of the doctor that establishes the good and firm relationship with his patient. And certainly it is his love, sympathy and affectionate concern that play an important part in the patient’s recovery.

Doctors sometimes have to be strict for the patients’ own good. But they should never be unkind or rude towards their patients at any time. A polite and friendly attitude plays an important role in health care. All the doctors should understand that.

Apart from the doctors, their assistants and nurses also play a major role in the recovery of the patient. A loving natured nurse with sweet words surely helps the patient recover earlier than the rough natured or rude nurse. Most of the hospitals recruit and prefer the kind and friendly natured nurses. It is part and parcel of their training.

It is good for him and his profession if the doctor engages polite, well mannered and sympathetic staff in his clinic or hospital. He will always have grateful patients in great number.

In our daily life we should always sympathize with the people with ailments and deficits. ‘I symphsthise with you ‘should be the common output during most of the sad occasions. By doing so we are helping the person concerned to come out from sadness or deficit quicker and in a better way.

Sympathy does not cost anything but it helps the other person a lot.


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