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Sheela 21, was married to Navin 24, through the arranged marriage. Their happy union made Sheela pregnant in the next year of the marriage.

Both Sheela and Navin were excited about the news of their being parents soon.

Sheela was briefed about pregnancy period and the labour pains of first delivery. So she was not much worried about it. For the first six months everything went well and she was not scared at all. But when the contractions started hurting she began to feel scared.  She was now more worried about her remaining days.

Sheela was given high power pain killers to sustain the severe pain. Mentally she was broken down as she just thought of a size of baby passing from the narrow route of uterus. One has to push hard, extremely hard to help baby come out. She had viewed the delivery scene in one of the English Films. She could hardly see the scene of the affected woman struggling hard to push the baby hard. She could very well visualize the cruel expansion of the uterus nerves and how painful it is for a woman to become a mother of the baby.

Her days of worries passed and one day to her hard pushing pain, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby of 5lb. 12 oz. But the child had some problem and instead of handing over to Sheela, she was rushed to the other side of the room. Sheela had all reasons to panic but she was alright when the mid wife briefed her about the baby who was not warm enough to sustain.

After few hours, the baby was given to Sheela and Sheela gave her, her nipple and when the baby sucked, she was on the top of the world. Being a mother was a heavenly experience, she learnt.




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