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I had a case of young woman who had a swelling on the tongue and the -pain was so severe that she could hardly eat regular food properly. The tongue had become thick and there was a small tumor seen by the doctor who had given her some course and the injections. The swelling did not go and the constant pain was there.

She was taking the soup of mug, rice and dal only and the milk, as the chewing was very painful. She could not sleep properly during the night and she had to spend night in unusual thoughts. She took the sleeping pills at times to get the possible sleep and of course the PAINKILLER.

One day she came to my Naturopathy center with a gloomy face and the heavy tension and complained of her tongue problem which she was worried to grow in cancer.

One of her relatives had such a tumor in her tongue and it was diagnosed as the cancer and since then she was in the constant fear of the ghost of cancer although her family doctor had given her the clean chit from the cancer. I checked her tongue and condoled her not to worry as such as there was nothing of her fear and it would be all right within few days and with Ayurvedic Medicines. I assured her of her full recovery in a short period.

She had the deficit of Vitamin B and she had also the problem of the bowl, which was not being emtified regularly. She had constipation and she had also developed piles few days before. The extra heat in her intestine had erupted both the problems and the lack of Vitamin B as the major deficiency.

She did not need any advanced or long timed treatment. I advised her to take boiled food and fruits, which had an excess of Vitamin B and constant use of papaw for her stomach problem. She was also advised to take a full glass of warm water early in the morning before taking anything and go for a walk for half an hour, which would clear her bowels without any problem. I also advised her to take Isabgool powder with milk twice a day.

In the meantime I advised her to paste pure honey on her tongue thrice a day especially after food. She was also advised to restrict herself from sour, chilly and oily foods until the time she was fully recovered. The piles would go once the bowels were clean and the food restricted. But I also prescribed her to apply Kashisadi Tail over the piles twice a day or every time after going for toilet. I also advised her to apply Pile-ointment at night. She should avoid excess of sitting and go for regular walking and do some exercises everyday.

When she came next to my clinic after 15days, her face was bright with a sweet smile and I saw her tongue to the normal condition. She also told of the improved condition of piles. She was very much relieved and was happy with my treatment




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