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Sterility after Abortion.


A young woman of about 24 years of age enters my clinic with a gloomy face. She is married five years ago and so far she had never been pregnant… She has already consulted some doctors and done their courses. But so far nothing has materialized.

The sperm reports of her husband are normal. Doctor has given him a clean cheat as he has no other problem as such which could be hindrance to make a woman pregnant.

Her report is also normal. She gets regular menses without any problem.

But…Very frankly she poured out her past which according to her was perhaps the main reason of her not being pregnant. She requested me to keep it secret at least from her husband and her in- laws as it could bring problem to her family life. But as it was necessary for the doctor to know the truth to give the right treatment she should pour out her secret at least to me which she could not talk to other doctors so far.

At the age of 18, she fell in love with a boy of 21. They loved each other so much that they promised each other to marry. But she made the mistake. She allured the boy to have sexual relation with her not once but several times. And she became pregnant.

Now the boy who had promised to marry her by all means and who boasted of his true love towards her denied marrying her. He even did not bother to see her once he heard the news of her pregnancy. He did not respond to her telephones or even letters. He later on left the town to get rid of her.

Now, her mother who was very much worried about her took her to the doctor and carried out an abortion.

After two years she married to a very smart and wealthy boy who decided to marry her because she was very pretty and smart in education. He was totally unaware of her past life.

She was very happy with him but she could not give him his child for the last five years. No body in the family had any problem with her so far but as she was unable to give the family formula for so long, every body was worried especially her in laws.

Their behaviour towards her changed. Even the husband was not as intimate with her as before. Several doctors, herbal doctor, witch doctor and an astrologer were consulted but nobody was able to give the positive result so far.

She had heard lot about my clinic and my successful treatment in such cases. She decided to come along and seek my advice and treatment and pour out the secret which perhaps may sort out her problem.

I listened to her properly, checked her previous reports-took some new reports and prepared a total new case of hers.

But I could make out from all her reports and check up that her abortion carried out before marriage had nothing to do with her present sterility. According to her, perhaps that could be the cause.

After going over her case thoroughly, I came to learn that she had the problem of constipation which was the main cause of her not being pregnant. The uterus left its place and became dormant when the intestine was full of constipation.

Most probably at night time, the intestines were swallowed up due to extra storage of stools and would push the uterus which would lose its origin place and during the coitus, it would not be able to take the sperms in the uterus at its place.

She needed to get rid of constipation and everything could be alright. I gave her the course of constipation and after three months, the lady came with the good news of her pregnancy.




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