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Soul the Tenant of the Body.



Science and Religion have disagreed upon certain matters but there are several matters where they have agreed with one voice. The existence of the mighty SOUL is the common factor agreed by both the powers. There is something par excellence or an extra ordinary factor in the body which drives it and which never dies even when the physical aspects of the body are wiped away to ashes. There is something in the body which was there before and would be there after and we term it and reckon it as a SOUL.


There is some eternal power, which controls the SOUL. Mind controls the movement and thought power of the body. No one from the human being could ever control the SOUL, which has come to stay in our body on the temporary terms as the tenant. They control only the physical aspects. Souls are beyond the control of even Devils. Souls have some eternal rules and their ruler, whom the religion reckons as God and the science accepts as Nature.


The nature of souls has been a mystery to many. Some claim to have enough knowledge about it. The Adepts, Saints, Prophets, Yogis and Mahatmas may have some understandings with the SOUL. Others just boast about it. Hindu Scriptures are deeply concerned with Soul since thousands of years when today’s leading civilized countries like America and Europe were not even known. There have been examples of Yogis controlling souls and conversing with them in their deep Sadhna. Re-birth was a very common subject among them. Buddhist literature is rich with the mention of the souls and their parts. To them soul is the super natural thing, which should not be annoyed at all until the need arises.


Those who believe in the existence of a soul, as the immortal power will hesitate to kill any living creature-may it be an ant, an animal or a fly. The believers of souls as the tenants of the body are mostly vegetarians. They will prefer to stay hungry to eating non-vegetarian foods in all circumstances. To them to kill an animal, insect or a bird for food means is to deprive the soul its home by foul means and there are all chances of the home-less soul to look for revenge until it gets the new body as the home. This is not a child- story or a joke but a naked fact and the truth.


It is an open challenge to all those cuckoo eating and meat eating class who firmly believe that such animals and birds are created to be killed and used for food. In reality, it is not true. All living creatures-birds, animals, reptiles and human beings have right to live their lives to their destined time. Killing animals and birds for food by human beings is not their destiny but entirely their selfish need.


It is a serious offense of nature to kill even the fish and to destroy and eat an egg for the food. There are people who believe that fish and eggs are vegetarian foods. But they are totally wrong as there is a full life in the fish and an egg is the embryo of the life, which is equal to the abortion of the embryo in the human life.


In our daily life, we see a cuckoo roaming and moving around us with the hen and the chickens that are his wife and the children. If one kills the head of the family for food, the family members will grieve for the death. If one deprives the life of a chicken, the parents of the chicken will surely feel much about it but they just do not react for our deed. But the soul of the killed life wanders with the curse to him who has deprived his body and separated from the other family members. Even the parents would not be happy with our mis-deed and they will also curse him for his deed.


The present day unexpected several accidents, Earth Quakes, floods, draughts, cyclones, infectious diseases and other natural disasters and calamities may be the consequences of so many innocent lives killed to entertain the lust for food.

In past, a primitive and not civilized mankind depended upon the diet of animals, birds and insects because they had no other knowledge to go for the vegetarian foods and they were not very much aware of the food they could get from the nature. They had no knowledge of growing plants and trees, which could easily give them the natural vegetarian food. They had not much knowledge of the right religion and they were unaware of the existence of SOUL in the living body. There had been cases of certain primitive tribes of killing their own children for the food in times of need.


To my belief and understandings, to kill an innocent cuckoo, fish, pig or any other animal for food is not far from killing an innocent child or a grown up human being by a giant for his food. A person killing animals and birds for his food is no better than a giant to the animal kingdom as such.


No religion allows or encourages killing of an innocent animal or bird for food. The base of any recognized religion or faith is to safe-guard the lives of even the smallest insects. Killing is a devil’s habit and a great sin and to use the dead bodies for food is nothing but the wicked habit of the primitive person who was lazy, wayward and far from the knowledge of what was right and wrong.


The body being the residence of a matured soul need not be disturbed just like that. Soul is the tenant of the body and by killing the body of a particular living thing, we deprive soul of its station to fulfil his or her part as he was sent to fulfil by the Kingdom of KARMA. The soul when it has completed its destined mission abandons the particular body through an accident, sickness or such other devices leading to death and looks for some Astral body for the further journey of its mission.


By destroying the body of such a soul for food is not destined and so the particular soul would not get another body for further journey and it will stay in the section of haunting spirits till its destined time and bother the person who has deprived him his physical aspects earlier than destined. We read and listen to the stories of the ghosts and haunting spirits disturbing or harassing particular persons until they are looked after.


Birth is the re-start of the new stage of life of the soul, which was here previously in some other body. Death in true sense is the end of the physical aspects of the soul to be promoted in the Astral world from where it again returns to life through some advanced aspects. Death is the end of the particular body but the soul within continues its journey further to its destination. In other words, death is never the end of life but it is the media to promote the soul within to an advanced stage of life with the relevant body and the prospectus.


The soul is immortal and it uses several different types of bodies for its journey to reach the final stage of salvation. During our resting hours and while in deep sleep, the soul travels to the Astral world without using our body. In the dream sequence the soul travels several places of its choice without using any vehicle and without facing any barriers. It travels to the speed of its choice, to the place and height of its choice. The dream we assume during sleeping time is an unsketched and un recorded journey of the soul. Perhaps it is the estimated documentary of the future journey of the soul after death.


During the sleeping hours and while in dream, the soul comes back to the body concerned but during the death, it does not return back to the same body but uses some other astral means to travel further in the other world where he loses all the contacts of the previous world and the body. The body he had abandoned is declared dead and burned or buried and even if he wishes to come back in the same body for some time it is not possible. The special chord linking the soul and the body was already disconnected while leaving the body.



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