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STRANGE WORLD AROUND US                         


This happened in India in the district of Dhanbad. An old man who was my regular patient for the treatment of diabetes, came from that area and he told me the story of a stupid husband who gave his wife the injection, meant for a buffalo, and brought a lot of inconveniences to her.

It happened so that the wife of that person gave birth to a baby. But she could not breast-feed the child because of lack of milk in her breasts. She just complained about her problem to her husband who was looking after the buffaloes and selling the milk.

In India, buffaloes are tamed animals and give much more milk than cows. And again the buffaloes-milk gives more GHEE than that of cows. Buffaloes are more profit making animals as per milk or Ghee although their Ghee increases Blood Cholesterol and the milk would be harmful for the patient of Rheumatism and Arthritis.

The said husband had a number of buffaloes which sometimes did not give enough milk or not at all, at events. The husband at such events injected the animals concerned with the special injections, which he had in bulk in store. And the animals gave enough milk to his satisfaction. Although the Animal Care Unit of the Government had banned such injections, they were sold behind the curtain and the farmers stored enough stock for use, as the animals were surely to give more milk, once injected.

In the particular case of his wife, he decided to follow the same treatment and without consulting anyone, he gave his wife the same injection meant for the buffaloes. He believed that, it would make his wife to give enough milk for the child.

Not only the wife was unable to feed the child at all but also she was forced to be admitted in the hospital in the emergency ward for a possible survival. She could not breast-feed her child for about two weeks for the serious infection in the breasts being the bio-product of the injection. The child had no choice but to survive on goat-milk until then.

Still the said farmer could not understand the folly made but thought that perhaps the injection he pierced in the buttock of his wife was out dated and hence that brought some problems.

He did not talk of his giving the particular injection to his wife to the doctor, as he very well understood that those types of injections were banned from the market. And he did not want him to be involved in any inconveniences of storing the banned injections.

Ultimately, he kept mum.



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