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Snoring- a disturbing den to the other sleeping partner.



          The recent survey on the British land on SNORING reveals that nearly 25% of the adult citizens are the regular snorers. The record further claims around three million British having sleep apnoea other than snoring.

The further research on the issue reveals the condition to have links with heart problems including heart stroke. It sounds not good in the medical field. But it seems to be a fact.

Snoring in simple terms is the breathing problem. Snoring as well as apnoea takes place when air channel is either blocked by some dirt particles or swelling around or collapsed blocking the flow of breathing air. This flow of air breathing could be cut off for up to five to ten seconds at a go… At this time, the ever working brain nerves then wakes the affected person with a loud snoring.

Snoring at events is normal but the noise which plates the atmosphere and disturbs the sleep of others around is the result of the breathing air trying to get past the obstruction.

There are also other causes of snoring. The elongated uvula indulges snoring where mostly it is cured by reducing its size. It is not very serious as such.

The major part playing in snoring is the tongue although the tonsils and muscles in the soft palate are responsible partly. The tonsils could be cured by treating the infection in the throat [tonsils] by medicines or by an operation whichever is applicable.

Snoring being the major problem in daily life or a serious disturbance to others around in the smooth sleeping hours, the modern scientists have spent lot of their precious hours to find the permanent solution.

The new procedure introduced by such scientists takes just about 15 minutes or so and it does not disturb the person nor needs him to be hospitalized. It is never painful nor costly.

Surgeons make a tiny incision in the side of the neck and then implant a tiny metal anchor shaped device in the base of the tongue in the throat. It might sound not so easy to the standard reader but it is never complicated for the physician.

Another metal anchor of 1mm long is implanted into the lower joint bone. A very thin wire connects the two anchors and a spool is turned to tighten the wire until the tongue base is moved far enough to make the air channel wider and bigger. Once planted in order, both the anchors are invisible and the person concerned is unable to feel the device in HIS OR HER mouth.

The new procedure on trial in America, Belgium and Germany currently carried out under general unaesthetic is expected to be perfumed with local anesthesia soon.

This seems to be a very convenient workable system in the present scientific world and it is a sure and easy media to get rid of the disturbing snoring for ever or at least for long.

Snoring is very common among over weight persons where reducing the extra weight is the right and the easiest treatment for the cause. Apart from getting rid of the NOT GOOD snoring, reducing weight is blissful to the affected person at several other factors.

People with snoring habit are advised not to sleep flat on the back but to sleep side ways. It is a practical issue as when a person sleeping flat on back is found snoring and when he is turned to sleep one side the snoring is immediately stopped.

The person with the snoring habit should cut short his habit of alcohol drinks as well as smoking at least before sleeping hours. He should also avoid taking heavy sleeping pills.

The doctors at some places also advise the snoring persons to use the mouth guard to keep the lower part of the jaw and tongue in a forward position to keep the airway open.

CPAP- Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is the most common medical treatment available at present in Britain for the snoring problems. I have interviewed a number of persons happy with the device during my recent educational trip to Europe.

The modern and the latest system includes a nasal mask that blows air through the nose to keep the airway open during sleep. It may be some-what difficult to use for some people but is said to be quite effective as per the statement of some persons I met.

Thus snoring is not a simple issue as it may seem to several people. It might not sound so dangerous if one is not confronted with the risky side effects of the device in long run.

But the present day medical world is very much active and alerted over the NOT HEALTHY consequences of SNORING.

As conventional methods and ways of dealing with snoring and sleep apnoea in the current wave usually involve life style changes, it should be handled with proper care on time to avoid the dangerous incoming consequences.

The worse side of snoring is that it is responsible for the disputes and quarrels between the couple and at some events the disturbed partner is seen going to the extremes of divorce.




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