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We all have problems smaller or bigger and we rarely try to solve them our-selves. Either we become the victims of such problems or we look for somebody superior or senior to us, whom we think and trust, will sort out our problems to our satisfaction.

At rare events we struggle to solve our own problems ourselves. It is not always true that we are not capable of. We have the capability within ourselves to tackle most of our problems, but we really overlook and under-estimate it just due to lack of self-confidence and trust within ourselves.

I have found from my long experience that we don’t solve or don’t try to solve our problems, not because we can’t, or not because the problems are beyond our reach, but just because we are discouraged by our-selves and also because we don’t try seriously and whole-heartedly. Surely we are unaware of our inner capacity or frankly speaking we suffer from the inferior complexity ourselves.

Why do we get discouraged, why? Just because we were born less fortunate or poor or just because we were born in unwanted circumstances? None of those should be the right excuses to cover up our weakness. If we dig out modern history or scrutinize the achievements of several less fortunate like Hellen Killer, Mark Twain, Karl Steinmetz, and Dr.Charles Drew and several others the world has known, we can very well understand our real weakness. They had many more problems to face and yet they turned out to be world-pieces. The secret of their success was that they never sided the problems but they courageously faced and fought against the problems whole-heartedly.

Great are those who have learnt to sort out their own problems and achieved success. Difficulties or problems do not stop them becoming successful. Those people did not despair because they were handicapped, poor or under-privileged. They never sat around with their hands on their heads and complained about the life that had not given them a good break. They never blamed any one else for what they were. Neither had they relied on destiny. Perhaps they were destined to be so but that did not dis-courage them to try to change their destiny by their good and right efforts.

The example of Abraham Lincon is fresh in our minds. From a very poor boy, he rised to the top of the world to become the President of the Great USA. He came out from the very poor family and struggled for survival for long. He studied under tense and tight circumstances but turned out to be number one citizen of USA through his right efforts.

The truth of life is that problems are part and parcel of achievements. No success can be achieved without facing difficulties.Obviously you can’t learn swimming without wetting your body. In no case difficulties or problems should be allowed to defeat us, whether we are born under bad circumstances, handicapped or under-privileged or had no chance of a good break. Make sure that life does not woe us a break. We should endeavor to give our life the break of our choice.

We have to come out wholly and endeavor to build our own life. It may seem difficult in the beginning but not impossible. We should work, act, and talk of success, nothing but success. Move ahead with full confidence and positive thoughts. Never allow negative thoughts to touch our minds. Negative thoughts lead to problems and ultimately failures whereas the positive ones march towards success and progress.

A time will come in our life when problems will strike us all at a time from different sources and various angles. We can’t stop them to do so, but we should be well prepared to face them all at a time. Just analyze them and sort them out one by one according to their merits. Never mis-guide your- self to sort out all problems at a time. It is not only difficult but merely impossible to do so.

There is no life without problems. A person without having any problems will hardly make out any achievements in his life. Problems build a successful person. Problems are the gateway to success and the staircases to progress. Problems work as the bright torches in the dark future.

We should never try to exaggerate our actual problems and also don’t give them whole time and energy of our life. You have to do other things for your life too, while sorting out the problems. On the otherside don’t make the heap of your problems just because you have several other things to do in your life. Learn to sort out them as they crop up, and never ignore them or put them aside for long. There are certain problems, which will surely be sorted out by the lapse or advent of time no doubt but do not always rely on time to sort out your problems. You should also work with the time. At events help the TIME to sort out your problems.

If need arises, don’t hesitate to seek an advice from your elder, or a friend. Consult your religious guide at times of need. You can as well take the guideline from some good books. A good reading, a good circle, seeing good films and positive religious thoughts will surely encourage and help you to sort out most of the major problems of your life.

The best channel to sort out your problems is to join your two hands together and seek the help-line of the final authority and just PRAY to the ALMIGHTY GOD…There is no problem in this world which will resist prayers. If you believe in the existence of Almighty God and if you have mastered the right channel of prayers, believe me, without any doubt that you have the master key to sort out all the problems in your life whatever type, size or quantity they may be…Perhaps the problems would never dare to touch your happy life, as you will be always with the Almighty Lord who is the true master key of success and prosperity.

If you have any family problem, pray together with your entire family. Praying together is always more and sure secured out-let to problems. Prayers held in Churches, Temples or Mosques for a particular common problem have proved to be more effective and fruitful. When the entire country is in a particular problem, mass prayers are held at various religious centers and at several events the positive results are seen.

Problems should never be stored or shelved. It is very difficult to sort out the bulk of problems at a time. And again it is seen that a heap of problems will not allow a person with peace or any sort of progress in life. He will be ever busy sorting out the problems throughout his life ignoring the prosperity and progress knocking the doors of success on the other side.

Problems should be tackled and sorted out as they come without waiting for others to come. Never make the heap of your problems. Never allow them to stay for long in your life. Long life problems may become severe and give an excess to another problems.



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