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Suicide is the guest part of the beautiful and natural life cycle. It is a negative and sinful act against the circle of life. Everyone who is born has fixed number of days that he or she will live for. His time of death is destined before he enters the world. No one is able to change it or avoid it at any cost. Even the almighty GOD, when he manifests on earth as a human being, comes to earth with destined end of His Mission on this earth.

Suicide in other words is a pre-matured and not natural death. It is not in the record-book of destiny. By committing suicide, we deprive the soul of the physical aspects earlier than what was warranted during birth. In simple terms it is a breach of contract with the Soul and the Body and above all the DESTINY which is the ultimate deciding factor.

No one ever wishes to adopt suicide. It is never in good terms with the smooth running of the daily life. Under no circumstances, it is a welcome event or a tolerable process of life. It is totally against the Natural Law. In the religious record it is a great sin. In simple social terms, it is considered to be the foolish step of a coward person. No one from the category of a standard understanding person to the highest rank of philosophers has ever praised or given credit to the act of suicide in whatever circumstances it is carried out.

Generally speaking, suicide is very common among the women, especially who are cornered by the problems beyond their capacity of tolerance. However, it is not the solution against the problems nor it is the end of the problems, in reality. If yes, then in that case no one would ever suffer, tolerate or prefer to be tortured by severe sickness in bed. No one would ever wish to die through long hunger, or to be tortured to death in a prison. A help-less person or a totally condemned or a crippled person would not tolerate all the inconveniences in the daily life for so long. Every one would prefer Suicide to the untolerable circumstances if that were the harm-less and the right channel to get rid of the problems.

DEATH in reality is not the end of the im-mortal Soul within. It is the end of the physical body, which was given to the particular soul to fulfil the destined mission on this world. It is provided with the new body to proceed further in the world after with the new prospectus when and as required. It is like changing the flight at the particular center from where one is transited to another flight at a particular time to reach the place of destination. If your flight reaches the transit center much earlier then the arrival of the ultimate flight, you will have to wait until its arrival. You will have to pass that extra time in the airport as per facilities there. You will not be allowed to move out of the Airport of your transit.

The same applies to the soul of a person who commits suicide. The soul of such a person will not be allowed to proceed further in the other world as agreed during the birth-time. He or she has to wait in a mysterious place until his time to reach the proposed destined place. The forced death will not give him any comfortable place to rest or to wait.

He has no alternative but to enter the disastrous world of evil spirits or ghosts who keep on haunting the places of their earlier desire or to get hold of physical aspects of some weaker relative as a ghost and bother several others until he is called for his further journey to the other world. It is very difficult for such a soul to settle in the world of his destiny as he has polluted part of his destined life in the mysterious world. Every sensible soul will not be happy to stay with such a spoiled or timid soul. He will be ignored and a deserted person, condemned at each and every place of his haunting.

The experience in the world of ghosts or evil spirits is no better than Hell.The soul has neither destination nor any prospectus in this world. He is completely help-less and on the mercy of the other haunting spirits. He roams around the world, he left behind. He haunts the places of his relation. He sees his relatives and listens to their talks. He is very much sad and worried to see everyone talking evil of him because of his cowardice step of creating suicide living the entire family in problems.

He tries to communicate with them but in vein. Nobody can see him. Neither anybody can hear his words. He is so much annoyed and confused by the terrible situation that he thinks of creating suicide again. He comes to learn that he can’t do it there. He is reminded of his doing so when with the human prospectus. He was paying for the crime done, he realized but there is nothing he could do to amend the polluted situation.

He regrets and tries to settle himself in the mysterious world until the time of his destined death, waiting for the deity of the other world to summon him for the journey ahead. He decides never to think of killing himself if at all he is given the human prospectus again. He very much tries to pass this message to the world where there are thousands of coward people of his type.

We hear and read nearly every day about the suicides at several places. Some people take poison, the others the extra dose of drugs, some hang and strangle themselves to death, the others shoot themselves and some jump from the big height. Some women burn themselves or sleep on the railway line to be crushed by the fast train. There is a class which brings an end to their lives by observing long term fasts. It could be a willing step by the religious person but it is termed as suicide and the person concerned has to pay for it. Obviously there is no Salvation for such people without undergoing several circles of life.

Suicide in other terms is to kill or murder oneself, and no one is allowed to kill or to murder even himself in the kingdom of God. A person attempting suicide and caught alive by the criminal department will be treated as the culprit. He is not allowed to kill himself, under whatever circumstances. Suicide is considered to be a CRIME.

No law or any religion permits suicide. There was a time in India when the widows of the dead husbands, especially the warriors, offered themselves to the fire which burned the dead bodies of their husbands. They were known as SATIS. Although, it was encouraged by social and religious system of the particular era on the grounds of certain setbacks of the future of the widow, SATI system came to be illegal and abolished by the advent of time. It was nothing but the forced or convinced SUICIDE of a widow to avoid further problems in the absence of her husband.

No one is allowed or permitted to kill oneself by any power on this world as the Kingdom of God openly denies entry for such souls. Even the gates of Hell are not opened for the souls, which are relieved through suicide. The place where the soul such relieved, roams about is worse than HELL.

The Saints, Prophets, Authors of Life after Death and the religious books speak of such places. Theory of Karma speaks of this part very openly. It is not only a sin, but also a great crime in the record of the world after, to kill one-self. Suicide in all circumstances is evil part of the human life.

The regular habit of daily prayers, reading of good and encouraging novels and stories, seeing some good social films and serials on TV, staying in a peaceful atmosphere, efforts to sort out the problems peacefully as they come, maintaining friendly relation with the family members and staying away from coward people and people with little tolerance power, will surely thwart a person from creating suicide whatever may come.

One should never go for negative thoughts and should never feel her or him alone in this world. If there is nobody to his or her sides, then there is God who takes care of each and every human being if surrendered totally to Him. Whenever, one feels lonely and he finds nobody on his side to help him and whole the world seems to be against him, he should seek or approach God and sit in a prayers room or any place of worship and pray Him for his help and guidance.

There is no problem on this earth, which will not be sorted out by the true prayers. A person who has a faith in God and who commits herself or himself in prayers every day will never think of committing suicide and at most events the constant prayers will not allow such tense circumstances to grow.




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