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Smoking Dangerous for Pregnant       Women…



Smoking among British women is very common… Teenage school girls are also found smoking in hiding. Even the women after the age of 80 are very fond of smoking although they are bothered by asthma or cough. For some it is entertaining and for some it is a fun.

Smoking in general is not good for women of any age. But it is found that surely it is harmful for the pregnant women.

Women addict of smoking stand a dangerous outcome if they smoke during pregnancy. At least, they should try to avoid smoking during pregnancy.

It has a deadly effect on the embryo. At many events it causes miscarriage. Infants of such smoking women face death within the short period of delivery.  Not always but at events, the child born through the smoking mother hardly survives for long. There are cases of the handicap children born through such smoking mothers.

The present research by the British scientists have revealed that nearly ninety percent infant death victims are of the mothers who smoked while they were pregnant.

The experts in charge of child life and health are of the opinion that the British Government should come forward and ban the pregnant women from smoking. It should be seen as anti-social, potentially dangerous and not acceptable by the bonafide British citizens. It should be strictly prohibited from the immediate effects.

It is already proved by the experts that smoking by the pregnant women is one of the causes of the deaths of the infants in wombs. The pregnant mothers should be convinced, educated or at times compelled to stop smoking during pregnancy. It would surely save nearly 60% of cot deaths. It would be really a great achievement when it is recorded that nearly 300 newly borns die every year in Britain because of the smoking during pregnancy.

It is high time the government should put ban on tobacco for the pregnant women as there are women who would ignore advice or even warning. At such events British women are found to be obstinate.

Apart from the deaths of those 300 innocent infants, the children born through such mothers who survive by the medical treatment face an effect on their brain and many of them find their lungs not in proper order from the time of birth. There are cases of infants born with mental problems and ailments like asthama.

The infants born of the smoking mothers are advised laying babies face down to reduce the risk of death.

Not only the ban on smoking during pregnancy is needed but the women who are fond of smoking should be banned from smoking while feeding their infants. Smoking during breast feeding is equally harmful and dangerous.

Tobacco is never good for married women. It is harmful for the mothers. And it is dangerous for the pregnant women as well as feeding mothers.

Breast cancer is another devil born thorough the habit of smoking among women. A women regrets very deeply when she has no alternative to remove her breasts when the situation worsens.




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