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Simvastation reduces Cholesterol but increases

Weight and reduces sleep…



Simvastatin is a very commonly used drug in England to reduce Blood Cholesterol, one of the reasons of it being economical.

For long there were no serious side effects coming out and even if there were some, the government doctors had turned their deaf ears towards the complains of some patients.

More than one millions British Citizens are noted to be using Simvastation on regular basis, But sleep deprivation by the use of the particular drug has never been to such a higher level. But people have already started complaining of bad sleep with insomnia and nightmares affecting the Brain cells.

The present research carried out by the experts reveal that the drug seriously interferes the sleep patterns of some users leading to excitement, aggression and obesity.

It is used in abundance as it is the cheapest drug available for the Cholesterol and moreover it is available in nearly all the Chemist shops.

The finding by the experts are of very lenient prominence as proper and enough sleep is very important for the healthy living. Less and disturbed sleep means the increase in mental problems and the decrease in work out put.

If it increases the weight of the user, there is no need to go into the hazardous effects of obesity as we all are aware of it. The drug meant to reduce blood cholesterol and heart problem and if it causes insomnia and obesity, it has no plus point at all. Indirectly its use increases the risk of heart stroke.

All those people using SIMVASTATE      or its equivalent PRAVASTATION should immediately report to their area GPS on the effect of any of the ill-side effects shown earlier.

GPS should never over-look the complains of the patients or should never take it easy if the user comes with the experience of bad sleep and weight increase.



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