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She reduced to get married

Rita at the age of 18 was 108 Kgs. with the height of 6 ft. She appeared like a mini giant. Her huge muscles looked like those of a free style wrestler. Her huge breasts resembled like those of primitive Negro woman. Although there were some other fat girls around in college, perhaps no one neared her in weight. Of course she was a big eater and with all sorts of junk foods.

Boys giggled at her and nick named her as “Buffalo”. The girls laughed at her and called her “Hippo”. She was over weight and looking ugly to be moked around. Her huge boobs made her look uglier like a buffalo and her heavy buttocks like a Hippo. She was found alone on the college bench as nobody ever wished to sit by her due to her over weight and ugly looks.

She had two more years in the college and then the time for getting married. The parents were very much worried of her obesity. It was not only difficult but nearly impossible to get a suitable husband for such a fat girl in their community although they were ready to offer a good fortune to the willing boy.

They tried to control her diet but she would hardly co-operate. She would eat more of Chips, sausages and chocklates in college. Her food at home with plenty of rice and potatoes would not allow her to reduce. She would quarrel to eat Cheese and Butter in her Breakfast. Coca Cola was her favourite drink and she needed it three times a day regularly.

She never went for any type of exercise and did not walk enough to burn her extra calories. She hardly got up early and never helped her mother in house- hold work even in her free hours. She slept for two hours after lunch. She went to school in the morning hours.

The parents were really tired and fed up with Rita. They were worried of her future. Who would come forward to marry an ugly over- weight girl with the huge tall body? Rita should be made to reduce her weight by all means. She had nearly 40 Kgs of extra flesh which was to be removed by all means possible…

Rita was brought to my weight Reducing Clinic and I convinced her to reduce for her good. It was not so easy to persuade her but at last she co-operated when I threatened her of her dark future. After all she needed a family life with a good husband and it was not possible under the present circumstances. She has to reduce by all good means whatever may come.

It was difficult for her to reduce her food and stay hungry but she agreed to stay away from mostly high calorie food especially Chips, sausages, Chocklates, coke, potatoes and sweet items. She agreed to have regular walk-exercise and she joined my early morning Yoga-classes.

The first month she reduced 5 Kgs to her surprise. When she lost 20 Kgs. of extra flesh in six months, she was on the top of the world with a fresh smile on her face and a great hope of a bright future.

Now she loved doing everything possible to reduce her weight. Every body who teased her as buffallow and hippo were amused to see her reducing body and ceased teasing her. Her parents were hopeful of a good husband for Rita who at one point had really disappointed them.

At the end of the 10th month the weight scale with Rita on showed 70 Kgs and that was more than enough for her to settle with any tall person of her choice. Now Rita looked attractive with no extra flesh at all on her body. Everybody around were surprised to see at the new look of Rita and the persons who avoided greeting her or talking with her longed to greet her and talked her for long.

Once a very ugly body, it was really difficult for even any known person to recognize Rita after the lapse of eight months. Rita by now was a very pretty girl.

And soon after she was engaged with a tall and a strong boy of her choice and her parents were very happy.



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