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She Never Bothered About her Looks


Janet, aged 15, studying in a Missionary Secondary School, had never bothered about how she looked like. She was a tomboy and loved to wear her comfy jeans and trainers. She believed that when she spent a lot of time hanging around the streets, there was no need for high heels and frocks.

Most days, after school, she would hang out in a gang, drinking and smoking. She started smoking when she was in primary school and came to drinking at the age of 12. She would get into trouble now and then and was cautioned by the area police for shoplifting, having her fingerprints recorded in four police stations.

It was not that she was no good at her studies; she could do well at school when she really wanted to, but she was known to bunk off and get up to no good.

Being smart and shrewd, she was given a chance in a local TV show. But all she could think of was how amazing it would be to be a famous TV star and dreamt of visiting countries like America and India.

When she was given racks of dresses to rifle through, she came to realize that she was becoming sick of jeans and T-Shirts, wishing she had gone for frocks and pretty blouses earlier.

Janet’s makeover was to last. She had hair extensions and was shown how to apply lipstick, nail polish and foundation cream. After completing her full make up with a spray of perfume, she looked so different. She now looked like a perfect woman – somewhat like an orthodox but a perfect model, in fact.

She wanted to become a beauty queen of her area, and then to represent her country, and if possible, go on to be Miss World. But becoming Miss London was very difficult for her. However, she didn’t give up. She cast aside all her tomboy clothes and continued to dress like a model and apply her special make ups. She learned some of the make-ups from her friends who were very fond of latest type of make-ups.

Her mother was happy about that and promised to help her all she could if Janet really wished to be a model or even a beauty queen. Janet had the figure, and the beauty and she was really smart. She had the height, weight, bosom, legs and the waist of the standard type model. She had already given up smoking and now drank nothing except dry white wine. She even left junk food out of her diet to avoid becoming overweight. And above all she behaved well to the surprise of many who knew her as the mischievious girl.

She was up early every morning to go for  jogging and worked hard at night school practising her public speaking and applying make ups. She found it worthwhile and her mother was very supportive.

When her class mates and her teacher told her how much better she was looking, she was very happy and more confident. She felt she had achieved something and was on the right path to becoming a beauty queen. She also had the self-assurance to be one.

TV shows gave her a boost. Now 19, Janet had already become a popular and prominent TV star. People took her more seriously when she spoke with her fluent dialogue. She was superb as a TV star and excellent as an actor.

She was happy that she had abandoned the tom boy look and was glad to be away from the street boys and girls. She was also delighted that she had kicked the smoking habit and now drank no alcohol other than white wine. She was also very pleased with her simple diet, completely free from junk food.

Now, Janet, at the age of 19, was a fabulous TV star and a famous model. She had everything she required to become a winner and it would not be too long before she triumphed as Miss UK.

Janet has no time to get into trouble now. She seems to be perfectly organized and well behaved person. Even the area police who were at most events rough with her started respecting her when she went to the police station to relieve her friends.

Fortunately she kept away from men. That was her plus point. Apart from being a popular, she had turned out to be a recognized model. Now she worked hard to be a beauty queen and she meant it.



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