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Sexual Deficit


I had a case of a young, single person aged twenty-six who was afraid to get married because of his sexual deficit. I delved into his past history to find out the right cause and the right solution.

At the age of fifteen, during puberty, he was in perfect physical health. He had the instincts, all the vigour and the necessary physical attributes to be a proper he-man. Perhaps he was more sexually minded as his penis became stiff on seeing a beautiful girl, reading a sexual magazine, watching SEX-rated movies, women bathing in the nude and even seeing a woman with large breasts and cleavage.

Now and then his organ became stiff and so enlarged that he found it very difficult to hide it in his normal underwear. So he purchased a special type of underwear which could suppress his organ and he was no longer embarrassed to be seen in public places with an erection. He continued to use the underwear for several years until, eventually, his penis failed to become stiff even after seeing a nude woman.

He tried to have sex with a young girl of about fourteen years of age who agreed to share his bed with him after he promised her a lovely gift. His organ quickly became stiff but, to his horror, he found it to be bent. He could not enjoy sex with the sweet girl as expected, because of his tormented thoughts about his abnormal penis. The girl was not happy either, as he also ejaculated prematurely and she expected to enjoy sex for much longer with a matured man such as he was. However, she kept quiet about it as she received a dainty wrist watch as gift from him.

After such a disaster, he tried to straighten his penis by massage and exercise, and even applied hot water pads. But he was very depressed when, after all his efforts, his organ remained bent.

He ventured to have sex with a rapacious, elder woman. As she was aged, he thought her experience would help him, as well as the fact that her vagina was loose and wide. The matured woman was fond of playing with his penis and when she found it was bent, she tried hard to make it straight by rubbing it to and fro. His organ did not become stiff or strong but, unfortunately, he ejaculated into the woman’s hands, upsetting her. However, the sex-hungry woman tried to induce an erection by kissing him vigorously, but still she failed to make his organ stiff. She even tried to take it into her vagina by various methods but it was all to no avail; it remained flaccid.

But suddenly, when he was presented with her naked, very juicy and enlarged breasts to be kissed and sucked, his penis became stiff enough to penetrate the woman’s vagina. It was still bent, however, but he enjoyed sex with the woman, who took enough time to play around with him to her satisfaction. Afterwards, she advised him to keep having sex with her and she would try to normalize his organ.

But he was reluctant to go to the woman any more as he found it very difficult to face her, and to tolerate her sexual games. It seemed that she was not satisfied by her husband… or perhaps she was just fond of having sex with young men like him.

Thereafter he never tried again to have sexual relations with any woman and, sadly, he found that he lost the urge for sex. Nothing happened to his organ by seeing naked pictures, sexual films or even by seeing nude women. He thought he had lost his manhood and become impotent, no longer capable of having sex with any woman. He kept away from women. Under the circumstances, there was no point in looking for a wife or getting married.

Now he urgently needed an absolute solution to his problem. He wanted to regain his sexual powers, needing his organ to be stiff as and when required… he did not want it to bend and be useless. It should work normally so that he could be a man and satisfy any woman, at least his wife, after marriage.

I had no medical treatment for him, as neither drugs nor even massage would help him. Even the vacuum pump would not serve the purpose; it may even worsen the situation. Therefore I had to advise him properly, and I told him that if he followed my instructions carefully, he should be alright.

Puberty is a stage in life when young people should have patience and be very careful. They should be aware of the several changes taking place in their bodies and not be too hasty to normalize the situation when things appear to be wrong. Most youngsters, as they are not properly informed or educated about puberty in its real sense, become excited and take some very fast and harmful actions which can produce different ailments and upset their sexual lives. There are lot of misunderstandings and, because of the lack of knowledge about these ‘sudden changes’, mental problem also arise.

There are all kinds of ways of relieving sexual tension, including masturbation and even homosexual affairs. The latter is unwise, especially for a young man, and it can very easily cause problems like the one in question. Youngsters on the verge of PUBERTY need thorough advice from experienced sexual counsellors, or from very experienced friends.

Now I advised him not to worry about the problem with his slanted penis. I suggested that he poured some hot water into a bowl and add salt. When the water is of a tolerable heat, he should insert his penis and testicles into the water for about five minutes. Then he should repeat the procedure in ice-cold water for five minutes. Repeat the whole operation three times, and if he did that properly twice a day for about a month, he should find his organ nearly back to its normal condition. The treatment would be certain to work if he did this properly and regularly.

I also advised that whenever he found his organ to be stiff, he should take it easy and try to divert his thoughts in some positive direction. As soon as possible, he should pour ice-cold water over the organ or find a urinal or a latrine nearby and try to urinate and pour cold water over it until it came down. It may take some time to urinate when the penis was stiff, but pouring on cold water would help.

Twenty-one days later, not even a month, the youngster came into my clinic and gave me reports about his normal organ. He even talked very frankly about his sexual affair with the same young girl he had disappointed earlier.  He was very happy to be making it perfectly well with a straight and stiff organ, and he was even making the girl very happy as well.

Now, as he was fit, he was thinking of marriage and asked for my blessings which I gladly gave him with my very best wishes. However, I also gave him one more piece of advice:  not to have sex with any other woman from now on, as it was not a good habit as such.




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