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Reduced by Laughing Exercise.

Nil was 95 kgs by weight with the height of 5’8”. He was nearly 20 kgs overweight compared to his height. Most of his extra flesh was seen over his extra large tummy. He himself was ashamed of his huge stomach. His friends called him frequently as “Potato”. The girls named him as “Mr. Tummy”. He was aware of his nicknames and was not happy to hear that. But he was helpless.

He did not have any girl friend because of his fatness. It was very difficult for him to get married with the girl of his choice. He was very much aware of the cruel fact.

He tried to control his food for about a month. He found 2 kgs reduce in his weight. He bought some weight reducing drugs but in vein. He found some side effects and forgot of taking any other reducing drugs.

Nil joined the gym club where he was able to reduce two more kgs but felt exhausted. Again he could not maintain regularity.

Nil was in search of a reducing formula that would reduce his extra kgs without any hindrance. He should do it if at all he wants to marry the girl of his choice.

He came in contact with a friend who had reduced 10 kgs in three months by controlling his food and joining the laughing club.

Although controlling food was not very favourite with him now he had no alternative but to go for it. He was confirmed to reduce his extra flesh by all means before marriage.

He joined the laughing club where he was given the printed list of diet to be taken and the warning of the foods not to be taken.

After morning walk of about 45 minutes in the garden, all the members of the laughing club assembled together and carried out all sorts of laughing exercises for about 30 min.

In the first month end Nil found his weight reduced to about 4 kgs. At the end of second month another 3 kgs came down and Nil was happy to see his tummy coming down. By the end of the 6th months the weight scale for Nil read 70 kgs. and stomach to its standard level.

He was happy to see Laughing Exercise with regular walk and diet with low calorie had really helped him to reduce his extra weight within six months.

He was in the position to advice his over-weight friends accordingly.




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