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Reduce your Weight Yourself



You are overweight, you feel tired now and then, and your blood pressure reading is high. You find it difficult to walk uphill or climb stairs, your blood test reports high cholesterol content, you are suffering from severe headaches and you are having difficulty sleeping soundly… And you are not happy with all these ailments. You wish to get rid of them.

… And your physician shows you the red light.

“You may develop heart problems at any time if you don’t take care,” he warns, after taking note.

“Your weight is twelve kilograms above what it should be “

Further more he tells you,

“Your blood pressure is unstable, reading 160/100 at one time and reducing to 100/60 at another. Your temperature crosses the mercury beyond 100° and you suffer from a fever now and then”

You get worried when your doctor tells you that and take medicines for BP, tiredness, cholesterol, obesity, and of course, headache. You don’t like taking all these medicines every day, and you don’t see much improvement in your health after a few days. Additionally, the medicines produce unpleasant side effects and you feel uneasy most of the time.

You ring your doctor and brief him about your problem and he asks you to see him personally. He checks you again and advises some more laboratory reports, makes some changes to his previous prescription and then asks you to see him after a week or so.

You go home and follow the doctor’s advice, very carefully this time. You persevere with the new medicine but you are not really happy as the side effects are still there but in a different form this time, and the ailments still remain.

At this juncture, I would advise you not to burden yourself with unnecessary tension and just follow my simple treatment, which will certainly give you satisfactory results. Just do as advised and your complaints will disappear and there will be no side effects.

Restrict yourself on fatty or high calorie foods – all kinds of sweets, chocolates, ice cream, rice, potatoes, groundnuts, bananas, ghee, milky products etc. Never eat full stomach.

A patient with high blood pressure should also avoid salty items and can use Sindhi salt in food instead, also avoiding all fried and oily foods.

Take Garlic in your diet as much as possible. The use of ginger when cooking vegetables is useful. Take two tablespoons of pure honey with a cup of water and add the juice of one lemon in the morning, half an hour before breakfast. A similar dose should be taken half an hour before evening supper. Do this on regular basis.

Walk for about two kilometres in the morning before breakfast and the same in the evening before supper, and again an hour after supper. Make the habit of early time dinner.Walk for 200/300 metres after lunch and rest for half an hour (or, at the most, an hour only) on your left side. Sleeping during the day is best avoided, but of course you may rest when you feel tired.

Do exercise regularly with empty stomach. Yoga of your concern is the best. Take about an hour in the said exercise.

Drink enough water but never drink water immediately after taking food. Give a gap of an hour or so.

Most of your problems will be solved and you will have less chance of facing a heart problem as you will have controlled its cause – blood cholesterol. Once your weight is under control, the other problems will go away and you will soon be climbing a mountain, never mind the stairs!

The diet control mentioned will maintain your health to the right tune and you should not have to visit your Family Doctor apart from a few minor ailments. Heart problems will not trouble you if everything goes well. Your extra weight will never be seen.  You will be a happy person with a lovely smile on your face and people in your contact would love to follow in your foot-steps.




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