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Relax and Reduce Yourself.

It sounds funny, doesn’t it! But it is true and absolutely workable. Experts in Japan have discovered that when volunteers’ gymnasts stopped and rested between exercises their metabolism speeded considerably. And after a little break when they resumed their exercise, they burned calories even faster than during their first session.

This is very encouraging news for gym attendances, if you can’t face a long session, just take it easy. Take a little break and start again. It will surely help you to burn more calories.

It is found that short burst exercises with rests are far more effective than a single, long workout. So there is no need to make you exhausted in one exercise at a go.

Those volunteers who slugged away on the gym bike for an hour continuously burnt less fat than those who took a rest of about five to 10 minutes in between.

Most of us are reluctant to perform single session of prolonged exercise where we are extremely tired. So the shorter bouts of exercise with the resting interval will be of great help, encouraging the performance of the exercise without any fear of  exhaustion.

As regards Yoga it is not so easy or even advisable to carry on yoga for an hour or so without relaxing at intervals. In yoga we are advised to have Savasun posture after a couple of Ashanas where we relax for time being.

25% of people in Great Britain are now said to be obese; we may soon see one person in every three person to be over weight, risking diabetes or heart disease.

Apart from diet control, people should be encouraged to take on regular exercise.  The NHS advises an hour of exercise every day. That is good, but those who were obese are often reluctant to exercise for an hour as they find themselves very tired within a few minutes.

Now this advice should be revised with all those who are overweight to be allowed a resting period at intervals and may be the period of exercise extended to 90 minutes or so.

There is another possibility which is more beneficial and practical for those who are even unable to exercise for less than 10 minutes at a go. Performing a 5 or 10 minute exercise five to ten times a day may serve the purpose equally.

Scientists, specialists or researchers need to produce other workable ideas such as this to deal with the increasing number of obese persons in the country. We just can’t convince or compel them all to do the same. They must be offered some alternatives that suit them.




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