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Pus Cells and a Case of Burning in Urine

Yamini was married at the young age of 18 to a young person of 24. At the age of 21 she gave birth to a baby. She started using pessary for birth antic which in long run brought infection in her uterus. The husband started using Nirodh to relax her.

Everything was normal for a year but the problem started with instant pus cells in her urine later on. She took medicine from her family doctor for long but the pus problem did not go. A difficulty in urinating and the burning of urine was found and now she went for a specialist who gave her some antibiotics and also some medicine to be taken for 20 days.

Everything was normal till the course of medicines but immediately after the pus cells appeared and the burning in the urine was seen. She was inserted some more glucose and another course of medicines of two weeks.

She was happy to see nothing wrong for the entire month but the same problem started again in the second month after treatment.

This time she came to visit my Ayurvedic clinic. I went into the details of her case. The treatment given by both doctors was quite alright. Perhaps she was taking some sour or chilli items with lot of spices. And when I asked her about her diet she agreed she was taking lot of spices in her food apart from lemon and also chillies.

I gave her an Ayurvedic course for pus cells and urine burning and restricted on all spices, chillies to be reduced and no lemon nor tomatoes for time-being.

And I saw my treatment showing positive result in a two weeks’ time. She had nothing of the sort. Still, I advised her to continue my course for another week and that’s all. But second month the same problem cropped up to my surprise. Perhaps she has started taking the restricted food but when asked, there was nothing like that.

Then what would be the causes of the problem?

I asked her to give me fresh blood and urine reports. White cells were bit more. Pus cells in plenty. Some blood cells were passing from the urine. The urine was acidic and amorous. There were no other problems in the report.

I gave her another fresh and this time powerful course for the ailment for 21 days, this time to make it positive. After five days there was neither pus problem nor any burning in urine. But I advised her to complete the course in full. She had to totally avoid taking spices and chillies in food and also had avoided sour items for ever. By now she was very much annoyed with the ailments and the treatment for so long.

She was quite all right for the next month without any medicine. But to her annoyment and to my surprise the ailment came again after six weeks of the treatment. That was really terrible. What was happening in her uterus which brought pus and burning in urine. Both the doctors have taken reports and also checked the uterus. I had given the course of best medicine to my knowledge.

Perhaps …Perhaps … and I asked her about the contraceptive she was using or whether her husband was using Nirodh while having sexual affairs with her. And I got the answer to my very cute surprise that the husband was using the rubber condom and mostly daily they were having the affairs. That was it.  Constant use of Condom for some young women brings pus cells and the burning in the urine.

Immediately I asked her not to use condoms but go for some other contraceptive or some other device for family planning.

I gave her the course of pus cells and burning in urine for about ten days. I advised her to restrict her food as guided.

And the problem of Yamini had gone for ever. She was quite happy to see that and I was very much satisfied with my diagnoses which came to my mind to my plus point.




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