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At the age of twenty, Shayam was happily married to a pretty girl, Radha. The first two years of their married life passed without any problems. But the third year raised some disquiet among family members, as Radha had not shown any sign of adding a branch to the family tree.

A full year passed in seeking a solution for Radha’s failure to conceive. Well-known doctors were consulted. Ayurved and Naturopathy treatments were taken. All possible domestic treatments were carried out, but with no positive response.

Witch doctors were also approached and certain donations were also given. The prominent deities were worshipped, with pledges of gifts if their blessings worked. Saints and prophets were also contacted and their blessings given in return for large donations. But still Radha’s womb did not nurture Shyam’s child.

At last the couple came to visit Shreeji Clinic where I practiced Ayurved and Naturopathy and had cured several cases by the appliance of prayers as a sure cure apart from the medicines. In many cases, which had not been cured by medicines or even surgery, I used the treatment by prayer and had seen patients fully recovered within few months to the surprise of many including the patients themselves.

But that was possible only with those patients who had true faith in God and religion and who had confidence in me. I tried to inject confidence into the minds of patients. I directed them towards positive thoughts, giving them hope of a total cure with my theory, which was the control of diet according to the ailments, exercises and Yoga, also herbal or Ayurvedic medicines if required. Above all, special prayers to the Almighty Lord offered with total faith and confidence that never failed me.

My patients were being made aware of the truth that God is the highest qualified physician, capable of cure through His eternal blessings. Perhaps God would not cure a patient directly but would alert the physician concerned to the right treatment.

I gave them medicines which they were to take after prayers offered to God. Everyone was allowed to pray to their own deities according to their beliefs. They were asked to make donations to the poor in the name of God once they were cured. Food and clothes were the main gifts.

Shayam and Radha turned out to be true followers of Lord Swaminarayan and they had confidence in my treatment and total faith in the Lord. They had come to my clinic with a good hope for the future.

I went over their files, with reports from various doctors and x-rays, and found everything to have been done properly. There was nothing wrong with either of them according to the last reports.

In such circumstances, prayers were the only cure. I sincerely prayed for them. I requested Lord Swaminarayan to show me the right path. And He did not take long to reveal this to me.

The couple also prayed sincerely for the same purpose and the same god, Lord Swaminarayan, heard their prayers along with mine.

.                Radha’s womb was found to be acidic and hence hot, especially during coitus, which killed the live sperms within twelve hours. Sometimes, intercourse was carried out when Radha had constipation, when the uterus could be inverted due to the pressure of extra stools in the intestine and there was no chance of ova meeting sperm.

I put Radha on a special diet, including milk in abundance to avoid heat in the womb and constipation. Fruits were also advised. I calculated the days of fertility and gave them the best days for sexual intercourse. I asked them to pray twice daily and nourish positive thoughts.

Three months after my treatment, Radha had ceased her periods and the couple came smiling to my clinic with the good news. I was happy that Lord Swaminarayan had heard our prayers and my treatment had worked with His blessings.

Thus prayer proved to be a sure cure. My long experience has shown that there is no ailment which cannot be cured by sincere prayers.

If possible, all sincere doctors should pray for their patients and accordingly advise their patients to pray and have enough faith n God. By doing so, they would be more successful and they would find themselves ever busy.




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