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Some years back, I was a sleepy and dull salesman. As a result of my lethargic thinking and uninspired work, I was living from hand to mouth. When I heard about the achievements of other salesmen, I realized I was good at telling others where they were going wrong when in true sense it was me who was wrong.

I had a habit of criticizing other people who were doing constructive things in life, and it was a sure sign of my own failure. At heart I was not very big, and no man is a true success unless he is big at heart and generous. It would have been wise for me to make a thorough and honest analysis of my jealousy and resentment towards the success of others. I didn’t have the guts. In other words I was helpless.

I had in reality sold nothing for many days. I was just travelling around with an attractive bag of samples, talking to customers without any success. My prices were very competitive and the items I was selling were also fast moving. Everything was alright but myself; in real terms, I was not a proper salesman, I should have known.

I was constantly telling my wife of the mistake I had made by getting into the selling business in the first place. I did not like it and I did not like my clients; hence no one liked me or the products in my bag. I could hardly maintain smiling look at my customers who at most events found me with gloomy face.

Whenever I went into a shop or an office to see a prospective customer, people froze. No one wanted to give me an order. No one smiled at me, apart from some of the small traders who invited me to take their order.

I was getting just a few very small orders from some of my friends and relatives. Otherwise no one was really interested in me or my products. So I was not in the front of my company’s list. Perhaps I was at the bottom. But the company, although not very happy with me, did not suffer any losses due to my weak output as I was not a monthly paid employee but I was paid a commission on whatever I sold.

One real asset which I had in my life was my wise, spiritually-minded, religious and social-natured wife. She never argued with me, nor did she ever complained or criticized my nature. But instead, with positive faith, she prayed for me, and welcomed me with a confident smile when I went home tired and bored. She very lovingly prepared a good cup of coffee for me and talked very politely with me mostly at all events.

She prayed, and believed that a proper guidance would be given to me. She prayed for my improvement. She prayed steadfastly for my success and achievement. She prayed with positive faith that my negative attitude would become a positive one; that I would gain confidence and attract many customers. She prayed that I would develop good PR to sell my items. Finally, she was able to persuade me to pray with her.

Our joint prayers took the form of an affirmation that our lives were being renewed and we mentally visualized a change taking place, especially within me.

Our joint prayers worked, and one day, to the amazement of my good hearted wife, I told her, with renewed authority, to let me pray alone. I prayed for myself and my products; I prayed sincerely for my clients and their businesses and I prayed for my company and all the staff. I also made sure I prayed for the other salesmen, of whom I had been so envious for long.

This may seem a strange prayer, but selling the product was my main problem. I had the right to pray for my livelihood, and through the prayers, I got the creative idea that the purpose of selling a good product was not only to earn a living, but primarily an opportunity to serve God and His people around me, by making it a good, honest living.

My wife was happy with my prayers and she was also delighted to see the change in me. I had a lot more faith in myself and confidence in my sales talk. I was afraid of nothing and I whole-heartedly promoted my company’s products with a smiling face. No more jealousy or resentment; I was full of joy and hopeful of achieving excellent results.

I went out to business with a fresh mind and clear, positive thoughts, giving me confidence in my performance. The atmosphere around me changed with my thoughts; everything seemed to be positive and workable. I saw a huge market for my company and I could see myself as a successful salesman in the very near future.

That very day, I got two large orders from the shopkeeper who had not been willing to give me any business previously. He gave me a knowing smile and also served me with a cup of good ice-cream.

Next day, I sold most of my products in one town and did not have to travel any more. I established a centralized office with a telephone and I took orders over the phone. People who had not wanted to converse with me longed to chat with me. Traders who hadn’t wished to see my face desired to see me personally. People who had tried to avoid my company longed to spend time with me.

Day and night, I prayed for my business and my clients. And I came to respect my spiritually-minded wife who was the true source of my success.

Now I am a very successful salesman with a house of my own, a modern car and a happy family. My company has climbed several steps higher up the ladder of progress and prosperity and what is more, they consider me to be the main pillar of the company.




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