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A marriage between a man and a woman, ceremonised in the presence of parents, relatives, friends and well wishers from both the groups, in the established Holy place, by the holy Priest or a Brahmin, MOSTLY turns out to be a happy union. The true blessings from the Almighty Lord serve as the long lasting bond between the couple with Love, Peace and Unity.

The couple before getting married decides to live together happily and without any disputes. They vow to stay united through thick and thin under all circumstances. They compromise to share the sorrows and pleasures of life, to their fair and good understandings, without ever adopting any resources, which may scratch the loving union.

The love between a man and a woman, after the holy ceremony, is an official issue and it is planned as and when required by the joined heads of the couple. At most events the love would mean the sexual affairs. Marriage at such events is considered as the official license for sexual affairs between a man and a woman.

No doubt  sex plays the major role in the first phase of the married life. But it is not the sole player. Through the channel of marriage, they have restricted themselves to be satisfied with what they have and what they get from each other. None of them should look for the need from the outer media, even if one of them is unable to give the other, the bread of his or her choice.

The coming events could not be as expected or the dreams could not come true in the real life. The couple should accept it and adjust themselves accordingly. They should try to accept the reality of life and overlook their esteemed expectations. They should be practically understandable and satisfied with each other’s physical fitness. They should limit and adjust their tastes and requirements as per the availability from each other’s source.

Nobody would wish to marry a handicapped person in good understanding but one has no alternative but to accept the partner if she or he is crippled in the accident after marriage as it is according to the circumstances. In a good family there is hardly any change in the behavior and attitudes of the related persons and especially wife and the husband, when one of the members becomes handicapped after the marriage.

There are some places where the complete change in the behavior is seen. Persons taking oaths to love each other under all circumstances, come to ignore each other under the changed circumstances. Obviously the remaining part of the life can’t be smooth and workable. The affected person has to tolerate in abundance to lead a possible life. Only the good and truly loving couples can lead a happy life whatever the circumstances come.

Then comes the time to take the most important decision of the married life of having the child.  After all what is marriage for? Apart from many other facts, to maintain the family formula and to become the parents of the number of children is the main project of the happy union in marriage. The couple should join hands together and should think positively to give themselves a gap of couple of years before the third person comes into their life to share their love.

A wife after having the child acts more as a MOTHER than a WIFE without her knowledge. After becoming the mother of a number of Children she becomes a total Mother and hardly takes seriously the requirements and the needs of the husband as before. She seems to be changed and the husband has several reasons of complaining against her.

Perhaps this is the time a MAN looks for an alternative for his physical need. He tries to adjust himself as per the age and the circumstances but sometimes it becomes impossible or out of control and he falls prey to adultery and a sexual sin.

A man is sometimes not very happy with the same sexual tool for long and especially with the worn out sexual parts of his wife after giving birth to a couple of children. His sexual desire is not content by the wife whom he finds not very fresh and charming as before. So he looks for the fresh sexual partner somewhere outside at most events the unmarried woman and brings a new turn in the family life, which was by now going on smooth. He will spent extra money for his new and fresh sexual taste and hide his ‘Being not Faithful’ speaking lies or giving some lame excuses.

The wife is very busy in her role as a good mother and the husband has gone out of the tract and had become the NOT FAITHFUL HUSBAND. He does everything to hide his SIN and he is at most events able to keep it to himself unless he goes beyond the limit.

A wife should try to come out a part from her role as the Mother and continue staying as a wife at least to be able to satisfy the sexual lust of her husband. And the husband should try to understand the role of the wife as a MOTHER and should be content in whatever he gets at the later age. He should be very frank and practical to talk and discuss his physical requirements with his wife and the good wife should always consider it and never try to ignore it.


It is the husband who should understand that his wife has to play two roles- as a wife and as a mother at the same time. He should be happy to see his wife taking more care of the child, which equally belongs to him also. He should very well keep in mind and try to understand that the child is a common property and his wife is giving more time and energy in bringing him up. He should co-operate and try to control his sexual desires when the child needs the mother very badly.

Couples who plan their family accordingly have nothing to regret.




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