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“Pan” is a special item taken after food. It is a leaf of the plant known as Nagarvel and several delicious spices are put over it to make it very delicious.

It has been used for long in India as there is a mention of PAN even in the old history much before the arrival of British in India. Previously it was used by Kings and the wealthy people. To-day it is the taste of Dick and Tom in India.

It is advisable to eat pan after lunch or dinner for the health purpose but to-day in India we see people eating pan for pleasure at any time of the day. Some are addict with it.

If taken regularly pan is good for digestion. It cleans the mouth and also makes mouth good smelling. Pan is good for a good appetite as it helps digestion.

Being hot tempered pan is good for colds, cough, asthama or gas. Pan being chillie-natured, hot tempered, salty and dry type and as Katho and lime-juice is added over it, it helps to reduce cough, gas, indigestion, constipation… Spices added are useful to add immunity power in a person.

Pan may be delicious, delightful and lovely to eat for a fond person but it should be taken in a limit and possibly after food. Being hot tempered it is not good to eat it empty stomach. It may be harmful for the hot-natured person especially with the person with acidity it is not advisable to take during hot weather or even after taking hot food. Apart from provoking acidity, it may cause nose-bleeding, burning in urine or even blood in stools.

Pan is never good for the person with skin problems.

Pan is provocative and it provokes sex in young persons leading to adultery. It increases sexual vigour in men and allows them to have long timed sex. So it is not advisable for unmarried persons for safe. It is even not good for celibate persons as it provokes sexual instincts and a celibate is supposed to stay away from sex. Celibates and Saints making more use of pans control their sex by certain not good methods to the extremes of homo-sexual affairs. Masturbation is very common among them.  It is better they stay far from Pan.

Pan is not good for Dental problems, eye-problems and the cancer in particular.  T.B patient should not wish for pan. The person with an excess of sexual instincts should avoid eating pan.

Pan taken in excess and especially with empty stomach is the cause of several ailments in the body. It may harm hair, ear and even skin. Certain types of spices used in Pan are very harmful for health.

Tobacco is very harmful. So Pan should be taken as a food in control and not as an entertainment. In all respects, tobacco in pan should be avoided as it is very harmful to the human body at all respects.




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