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Lose Weight by Yourself



Sarah Mills is 28 years old and lives in Plumstead with her husband, Charles, aged 32, and their two children.

I first met Sarah five years ago in the school where I was giving a talk on “Obesity and Junk Food” to the children. Sarah then weighed 108 kilograms and her height was 5’6”.

After listening to my talk very seriously, she came to see me and carefully noted some of my workable points for reducing obesity.

Two years later, when I returned to the same school, this time to give a talk on “Discipline in Schools” I was surprised to meet Sarah with changed features and weighing 76 kilograms. She had lost 32 kilograms in two years just by complying with my advice of combining healthy eating with regular exercise. I was very  much interested in her story which is as follows:

“I had two children by the age of 24 and I put on weight after each birth. At the age of 25, I weighed 95 kilograms – clinically overweight for my height. I was carrying 35 kilograms of extra weight and my body looked ugly. I was not happy with that. I avoided attending public functions just because of that.

Being overweight, my health began to suffer.  I suffered from chronic back pain and terrible pain in my knee, so that it was very difficult for me to climb stairs. When I walked for any distance I found I had chest pain, I felt exhausted and even my bowel was giving me pain. My life became really difficult and depressing. I had been thinking about losing weight for some time, but never did anything about it.  I even thought of going under operation to remove extra flesh from my body.

Yes, I had read a lot about obesity and its effects on the body, and the remedies, but nothing ever materialized. I found your talk very convincing and I was so impressed that the very next day, I began controlling my food and taking more exercise, starting with a morning walk.

I have lost the excess weight at two kilograms a month without using any drugs, but just with exercise and diet control. I vowed to do it and when it began to work, my self confidence helped me to continue with it. It was not so comfortable to stay on a simple diet at first and I needed a strong will. Leaving out junk food at a stroke is not easy to do. But for me it had become a necessity. I had no choice; with all those ailments, I had to control my diet or face death.

As my weight reduced, my body became more attractive, but more importantly, my health improved. In the first year I got rid of my back pain and there was no more bowel pain. I also said goodbye to the knee pain.”

According to Sarah, slimming has changed her completely. She is now more confident and has developed the confidence and will power to do certain things in life. Charles is delighted with his ‘new’ wife, even though he sometimes finds it hard to keep up with her. Both of their children are in safe hands with Sarah and, because of their healthy diet, they are not likely to develop weight problems themselves.

Sarah was full of praise and gratitude for my very impressive and effective talk which has also helped more than 50 children from the school to become slim and healthy.




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