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John and his wife, Jane finally had one of those rare nights out, away from the kids, just the two of them. Their family life was so tightly packed and fast moving that they rarely had occasions of total privacy at home or even out of home.

Whenever they drove to town, one or the other child was with them. Moreover they had their elderly parents to look after. The family of seven lived in a small house where it was difficult to have privacy especially after the birth of the last child, who was three. They had hardly spent a free night together.

Despite this, they maintained a healthy and happy family life without any differences, even though in the circumstances sex had no part in it. John was by now in his 36th year and Jane had recently celebrated her 32nd Birthday. They had been reminded of their tenth Anniversary by the Church some three months before.

Mr. John was always busy in his work and always had a happy smile. Mrs. Jane was a loving mother, a kind-hearted daughter-in-law and a devoted wife.

Her attachment and her service towards the aged parents-in-law was the talk of the area and a good example for the younger generation many of who can hardly gave time to look after elderly parents.

One day the opportunity arose and they were just two of them, driving along in peacefully atmosphere during the evening on their way back from shopping. The children were being told stories by grandma.

The shining moon and the cool breeze created a romantic mood of Jane and putting her head on John’s shoulder said,

“John, do you remember how, when I was pregnant for the first time, you used to snuggle up very close to me in our car every time we were out driving?’’

Jane recalled their romantic past and behaved as if she was so young even now. She murmured a sweet tune popular in the early days of their marriage…

John responded equally to the romantic mood. He gazed at Jane and kissed her lovely cheek and responded,

” Darling,” he said, “You know we have added ten years to our marriage. We might have grown little bit older but our love is still unchanged. We have lived to ourselves and have no regrets. It is only our devotion and attachment towards our family that has kept us apart physically from each other most of the times but not mentally. We are always together in our minds, in our thoughts, and of course, in the loving hearts of each other.

However, the memories of our young married life are still fresh in my mind and you are still the same “Darling Jane” to me. Age will never diminish our love; I am sure about that. I still love you as much as ever, my darling.”

John slowed the car, parked aside, and taking Jane in his arms, kissed her lips, embracing her as he had done some ten years before and stayed in that pose for few minutes. Both of them seemed to be on the top of the loving atmosphere that was impregnated with true love that was far from sex.

Waves of true love filled the dark atmosphere and a spark of everlasting attachment glittered around them. Time could not weaken the bond of love even at this age.

Happiness shone in the smiling faces of the couple who had known to live with themselves in true sense without coming under the charm of the alluring atmosphere.

And without any further movement or disturbance in the golden opportunity dawned upon him after several years-sincere and duty bound John twisted the ignition key of the car and drove the vehicle to it’s destination without any twist in his masculine nerve.

The bright shadow of everlasting true love glittered over the faces of both. The atmosphere smiled with a sweet breeze to have such a lovely couple around.



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