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When the physical body of a human stops working totally and the life within disappears, we call it death. To most of us death is still a mysterious and frightening process. It is difficult for some of us to accept the death of a family member… Sadness takes over our thoughts and behaviour and the event is seen as a tragic and serious one. No one is ever found with a smiling face during the death of a relative.

In reality, death is nothing but the process of the soul’s transformation to its immortal form. Through death, the soul lifts itself to a higher state within the  life after, leaving its now useless physical body behind to be buried or cremated.

Death is unavoidable for all living creatures. One who is born is destined to die. The time, place and manner of one’s demise are pre-destined from birth. No one no matter what their status or standing can avoid death, or save others from it if it is their time to die.

It is even not possible to delay the time of death EVEN by AN HOUR. Modern science has a long way to go before it can battle death, or even understand it properly.

Death is really only the end of life’s stay in that particular body. The process of death and the transference of soul from the physical to the astral world are far less frightening than many think… We fear death and we take extreme care of ourselves.

We stop doing many bad things because we are afraid of death. We are in constant fear of someone killing us or we being killed by natural disaster or an accident. We try to be cautious and well behaved, as we are afraid of death. Our fear of death is such that in some countries the death sentence is the punishment for the very worst crimes, in order to act as a determent.

When some one’s heart fails and he stops breathing, he is declared dead. While they still have life within them, bodies are useful, strong, respected. A beautiful body is desired by many, and people have fought and even committed murder for the sake of a particularly charming body. A champion wrestler had the attention of the entire wrestling world when his body was alive. But when life vanishes from such bodies, they lose their attraction. Even the most well-honed and preserved bodies deteriorate rapidly, after death, and no one would ever wish to store a dead body for long.

A dead body can be dangerous as well as useless, and if left untreated, it will stink to high heaven. A corpse is liked by no one, even those who once desired it madly.

The soul, which is the living element of the physical body, moves out of the body during sleep by using a special encoded channel. When we are in deep sleep, we go in to a dream sequence and can experience the events of the other worlds. The time becomes elastic and when we awake sometimes we are temporarily confused, as we have traveled thousands of miles, lived for several years and seen people who are no longer alive.

In dreams we can travel at any speed and height.  Walls, or ceilings are no barrier to us, and we can view the whole world while travelling as if through space. We may have several different types of dreams but none of them seem real when we return to ourselves. In reality the soul has left our physical body and traveled to this other, unfamiliar world before returning to our body through the same encoded channel.

The only difference between dreams and death is that, during dream sequences, soul which has left the body using a special code will come back to the same body, by using the same code. But in death, the soul leaves the physical body once forever and never comes back.

After death, the soul is able to travel further in Astral World. As soon as the soul vacates the physical body the password is destroyed, so even if the soul wanted to come back to the body to fulfill some particular purpose, it would be impossible. The link has been broken.

The Astral World, although not visible to us, is not unknown to us, nor is it far from us. We have visited it times during our sleep, or while under anesthetic, for example… Some of us have been to that world and experienced events and souls within the Astral Kingdom, and have then come back to life-much to the surprise and astonishment of doctors, and family who expected us to die. These people, who have faced death and who have come back, have had Near Death Experiences. [NDE]

When a person is declared dead, his physical body is cremated or buried, according to his or her religion. The soul, as it leaves the body, may be visible to clairvoyants or to those who have achieved special sight through meditation or Yoga. At this time a soul may use an Etheric Double Body for a few days, until he is given another full-fledged eternal body. The Etheric Double is built from a matter that is even finer than ether and its outline resembles closely the physical body.

An Etheric Double in its true sense is the counterpart of the physical body, which is seen by very few people. It is seen around the dying person in various laminating colours and, those with clairvoyant sight are able to determine the nature of the soul and its further destination from the colors of the aura.

There is every chance that a soul can return to its physical body from the Etheric Double, as long as it maintains the code or password which it needs to return to the body. But once the code has been lost, and the password changed or destroyed, this is no longer possible.

Ordinarily, the dying person will see aspects of the other world, and the souls of his relations gathering escort him through the other world. He sees his elders, relatives and friends, as well as religious persons to welcome him into the next world.

Sometimes he may talk of deities, or a particular manifestation of the God he believed in who have come to receive him, as a reward for his good deeds. He hears sweet music, a fragrant atmosphere, and the name of the Lord and he describes the situation while on his deathbed.

The people present may believe what he says and describes and at events will think he is talking nonsense as his lips further towards death. But there is truth in such events. The peaceful death of a religious person, or someone who has treated others well will surely see what is coming in the other world, while still not within the Etheric Double.

Non-believers or those who have done evil will see terrible visions. Devils may be seen coming to escort them into hell,

In the Astral World the soul requires no clothes, food or water. He requires no vehicle to travel but can use mind power to travel and even fly. He hardly needs any rest or sleep. He will continue his pre- arranged journey with the escort that he has been given by the other world. It takes him nearly twelve to thirteen days to reach his first important destination, which will decide his future in the other world.

Weeping, crying and sighing by the relatives are not good during death. Prayers are most desirable, as they may be useful to the soul concerned, during his journey in the Astral world. Hindu families carry out religious ceremonies and donate freely, while reading from Holy books and chanting Lord’s name. They think and believe that the dead will remember these good deeds, and the donations they make during those thirteen days will surely help him or her once they reach the other world.

There is some truth in such beliefs, and Hindus carry out various religious ceremonies and donations in the name of the dead person. Prayers are held all over of the world, in all religions, for the peace of the soul in the life after.

Death is nothing but the promotion of the soul to another plane. The soul rises according to his or her deeds while alive, and whatever is done in his name will help him.

The process of death varies. The manner in which it occurs depends entirely on the circumstances of the individual. Someone dying from a long illness will have a very different death to someone dying from heart failure. One suffers for a long time; the other takes only minutes or seconds to die.

There have been people who stay in bed, sick and unable to move, eat or even speak for long. There are some who die in the blink of an eye, while still walking and talking. Some die as very young even before they are aware of the world, while some wait until they are grown up before they die. How long one might live and when one might die is a mystery to most, but it comes to us all.

Nobody dies just because they are old, sick, or because of heart failure or an accident. Some people are saved from seemingly terminal illnesses and some die following an apparently minor illness… Some die after a small injury, whereas others are rescued from terrible accidents. Sometimes we have no hope that someone will survive and, much to our surprise, they recover completely and go on to live a long life. Whereas others who we are sure will recover easily are taken by death without any warning.

Death is pre-destined, and no one can truly predict, postpone or avoid it. It will strike when, where and how it was pre-ordained. The eternal power of the almighty Lord also known as Karma, is in charge of Death, and it is never false, partial or one-sided.




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