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I myself being a doctor and giving free services to needy persons, I can very well understand the value of the ‘Human Touch’ in the practice.

The profession of doctor is much respected. He is a life-saver. He can snatch a dying patient from the mouth of death. In India, he is often taken as being next to God.

A good doctor always keeps in mind his patient above all else.  His personal life and other activities he puts aside when he is dealing with his patient.

A good doctor can not permit enmity with anyone. In times of emergency even if his enemy comes to him as a patient, he should treat him with his whole heart, the same way as he would treat any other patient. That should be his spirit under all circumstances.

A doctor’s positive attitude will increase his patient’s chances of recovery. Maintaining good attitudes and behaviour towards the patient will not only give the sick and vulnerable a greater sense of dignity and respect, but could even save the lives of the patients on their death-beds. It works as the sure tonic and it will help the patient to cure earlier than expected.

The bedside manner of a good doctor includes speaking to a patient from a comfortable distance and at the same level, using a polite and understandable language, and he should at all time show kindness towards the patient.

A friendly look or a gentle touch on the arm of a patient by a doctor shows compassion and concern. If need arises, a good doctor might get a patient a glass of water himself. He can adjust the pillow or even the bed for him.

A doctor with the Human Touch should show respect towards  older patients and advise his staff to call all patients by their names and with due respect. He should see at all events that the nurse looking after the patient should be very polite, kind and always ready to serve the patient with whole heart.

A good doctor should never withdraw from contact with a patient just because his illness is incurable. He should endeavor to make patient feel at ease at all events and never think of his death at any time.

He should leave no stone unturned to save the life of his patient, even if he is aware of the patient’s inability to pay his fees. He should always act and advise the patient or his relatives to the benefit of the patient.

Although a good doctor is a human being, he should always try to be a super human towards his patients.

This good doctor as we have seen him will cure the patient with fewer drugs and at less expenses in less time but of course with more attendance and affection.

In brief, a human touch from the doctor would surely assist the patient to be cured earlier and without any complains.




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