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If prompt treatment is not carried out during the heat stroke, there are all chances of the affected person to die… It is an extremely serious condition where due to the failure of the heat regulation center in the brain, the body temperature rises to as much as 1050F to 1150F, which is no way good for the person. It is very difficult for the general body to tolerate and survive body temperature anything above 105.

Heat stroke takes places in the hot atmosphere where the humidity is also high. It may occur to a newcomer or even a person staying for long in the hot area is also equally affected.

Working directly under the hot sun especially during mid-noon and in summer incurs heat stroke. Working atmosphere around furnace or like wise and not drinking extra water is another cause. Putting on heavy clothes or even leather jacket or hat and working in the hot weather would surely not allow the inner sweat to evaporate, which may cause heat stroke. On the other side using too little clothing to protect from the heat of the surface or to work with no clothes above the waist may cause heat stroke.

Sleeping together of several people in a small room with a poor ventilated facilities, the lack of circulation of air while sleeping or sleeping under the direct hot rays during the day time without taking fluid or water or food, may cause heat stroke.

A person affected with heatstroke suffers with severe headache. He feels thirsty and frequency of micturation is seen. There is a loss of appetite, irritability and the patient avoids bright light. There are all chances of having a hot dry skin which is very serious. If prompt treatment is done or appropriate steps are taken, a person is saved from the attack which is worse.

A person with the symptoms of heat stroke should rest in bed in the darkened room with an electrical fan blowing a strong current of cool air directly on him. He should be given a large quantity of salt and lemon -added water.

The heat stroke comes into its worst action suddenly at night. The person should never be left alone. He would feel totally, restlessness in the beginning which may be followed by convulsions or coma. The body temperature may rise with high pulse, the breathing is found difficult. The pupils of the eyes are contracted.

There are all chances of dilating skin blood vessels and there may be a serious effect in lungs and bowels and ultimately in brain.

If immediate treatment is not given to such a patient, there is every possibility of a patient dying from a heart failure or respiratory system failure.

Under the circumstances, a patient should be exactly under the fast speed fan. If possible the usage of side fans should be done. All his clothes to be removed and tepid water should be sprayed all over the body. During the time cold water or ice packs are not advisable but ice-bags should be applied on the head only. Giving a cold colonic lavage can be beneficial.

Take the temperature and as soon and as it falls to 102 F the rectum treatment should be stopped temporarily and if the temperature is found to rise up to 105 or more, the treatment should be re-started.

Immediately the patient recovers to consciousness, he should be incorporated and convinced to take a large quantity of salt added water.

Respiratory system should be monitored properly as death may occur through respiratory failure at most events.

A physician should be called and he should be requested to monitor the situation until the patient is alright. He should keep special injections on hand. If breathing problem persists, artificial respiration should be given until the respiratory system comes to normal. If the respiration system affects heart, the external cardiac massage should be carried out. Additionally mouth to mouth breathing improves the situation.

Extra fluids and salted water or lemon juice should be given to the patient mostly every hour. The patient should be far away from the sun rays and the temperature of the room should be maintained low. Windows should be curtained and if possible A.C. or water cooler should be used. The clothes, bed sheets, curtains and the walls all should be white and cotton. Gathering of people around the patient should be avoided.




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