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Only warm water to be taken in drinking. All cold drinks, ice creams and gaseous items to be avoided.

[1] Kadha prepared from TAJ [hot spice] to be taken a glassful twice a day.

[2]Grind the leaves of SARGAVO and apply the paste on the forehead while resting at least 30 min. twice a day.

[3]Grind the beans of SARSAV and apply the paste on forehead as above.

[4]Grind dry ginger and clove together in water and apply the paste as above.

[5] Boil two liters of water with tea-leaves, Nilgiri leaves and AJMO GRAINS and take steam bath by covering the whole body under the blanket. Take steam in the mouth. When whole the body perspires, dry it with the towel and rest under blanket. You may as well repeat the device if need arises. You better do it with the help of one of your family members.



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