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Obesity is a major headache for the entire British Nation. It is responsible for placing a great deal of strain on the NHS and remains a constant dilemma for the Health Department. It has recently become the prime issue for the health department and the government as a whole.

There are several methods available to reduce obesity. All kinds of drugs – herbal and allopathic – are being widely distributed in the market. There are many surgeons in Britain who specialize in liposuction or the reduction of excess fat in the body by surgical means. They are earning a lot of money from this as they are very much in demand by overweight patients from all sectors of life.

Many women, who are dissatisfied with their physical appearance because they are losing their slim figures, rely on dieting to reduce their weight. Many of these seek the help of harmless herbal medicines, but there are also those who cross the border and adopt harmful, addictive drugs like cocaine in their desperate attempts to lose weight.

Apart from using these drugs, there are women who use strong laxatives as a way of eliminating the extra kilos.

Then there are also some very emphatic women who go to extremes with dieting, determined to streamline their fleshy bodies. Some of them eat only once a day, and some observe a fasting routine on alternate days.

All those who take certain drugs or use extreme dieting are gratified to see that they are losing weight and begin to relax the regime once their weight has dropped to the required level. But it proves to be only short-term relief and they start regaining their lost weight within a few months as they are unable to keep to their strict diets any longer. Those on laxatives or drugs cannot continue to take them indefinitely and usually have to give them up sooner or later…

Going to extremes with diet control to reduce obesity can weaken the particular person and push him or her to the threshold of several ailments. The constant use of drugs may produce intolerable side effects, affecting the health of the person. Taking laxatives for too long is never a good idea, particularly for the bread-winner as, apart from making him or her very weak, that person will be visiting the toilet constantly. Perhaps, he or she may be lacking the facilities of toilets at all places.

Finally, anyone using drugs like cocaine in an attempt to lose weight is inviting serious trouble. These drugs are a dangerous risk to health and their condition will most likely be worse than it was during their obesity. Cocaine, or any other drug used for slimming, is extremely harmful in the long run.

A preferable and safe method of losing weight is sensible dietary control. It is important to eat enough, but to choose foods which are low in fat and therefore contain fewer calories. It is not that difficult to avoid junk food and adopt a diet of low calorie foods. Today, these foods are palatable and inexpensive and readily available in every supermarket.

For those with a sweet tooth, several types of soft drinks, chocolates, sweets and even ice creams are available in sugar-free versions. Salad has very few calories, together with fruits such as apples, oranges, and pears. Most vegetables, except potatoes, are very low in calories and readily available.

People who consume low calorie foods and drinks four or five times a day will never increase their body fat, but they will shed their excess weight.

Walking regularly, doing daily exercise and avoiding sleeping during the daytime are all recommended and effective treatments for sliming without harm. Among all mentioned remedies, walking perhaps is the best and most reliable source to reduce weight without any side effects.



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