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Grape-Fruit harmful for aged Women…


The present research in the cancer Department in England has revealed that eating grape-fruit by aged women can easily increase the risk of Breast Cancer by almost 30%.

It is found through the detailed study that the fruit boosts blood levels of estrogen; the hormone associated with the risk of the said disease.

It is also risky for the women even to eat a quarter part of grape-fruit as the researches are of the opinion that eating that much a day can increase the risk by almost a third among aged women.

Perhaps this is the first report of its type of the commonly used fruit which may increase the possibility of Breast Cancer mainly among post menopausal women.

Taking whole grape fruit or even taking a part at the intervals or a couple of times in a day on regular basis is a sure risk of Breast Cancer.

There is a sure evidence that eating grape-fruit increases plasma estrogen concentrations in the blood resulting as a Breast Cancer.

By now it is without any disputes, established and agreed by all research scientists that OESTROGEN is associated with breast cancer risk in women.

This was firmly established through the study based on about fifty thousand post-menopausal women from different groups including some with breast cancer.

Every year more than forty thousand cases of breast cancer are diagnosed among nearly one hundred thousand cases of breast ailment and the records from the Cancer Dept shows that nearly 30% of such affected women die in England every year although given long term treatment.

The root cause of Breast cancer might not be grape-fruit as such but it surely increases the risk of the disease. It is revealed by the health specialists that all those aged women who drink a single alcoholic drink a day push themselves to the increasing of woman’s risk of developing aggressive forms of breast cancer at some extent to about say 10%.

Even the moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of Breast Cancer. Constant use of beer, spirits and white wine-all are to be blamed for the cause except red wine if taken in control.

Not only the said drinks but even eating junk food on regular bases also increases the women’s risk of developing a range of cancers.

A woman with obesity at the old age or an aged woman eating diets with high calories has even 15% risk of increasing chances of developing breast cancer. This is revealed by a separate research study from the U.S medical experts.

Smoking regularly by the aged women should not be over-looked. Not only it affects the lung cavity but it increases the risk of having Breast Cancer.

In such cases it is advisable for an aged woman to avoid grape-fruit from her diet. She should also avoid smoking which even in other senses is never good for a woman. She should not go for drinks in abundance. She should also avoid foods with more calories and try to maintain weight. Eating junky food is never good for a healthy woman. She should be selective of such foods and to the restricted level.




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