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HDL     “Good Cholesterol”



There are two types of known cholesterols in the medical world. HDL, known as Good Cholesterol, is credited with helping to remove blockages in heart arteries. LDL, known as Bad Cholesterol is responsible for the build up of hard deposits on the walls of arteries which lead to heart disease.

The present study by health experts in the U.K. has revealed that HDL, which is believed to protect the human body against heart problems, can make it worse too. HDL, popularly known as ‘Good Cholesterol,’ is not always as GOOD as it seems; it has a defect which can increase the risk of a heart attack.

Overall research by the health specialists and scientists has concluded that HDL is positively beneficial for the heart. But the findings by such research could lead to better targeted drugs, providing better protection against heart attacks.

The attempts by scientists to develop an HDL raising drug have produced a formula but the results are still awaited. It would be better if the drug were effective in raising only the right forms of HDL, and which could be used in connection with statins, which lower bad cholesterol or LDL. Simply boosting HDL levels may not be enough to prevent heart disease; it is also required to target the right proteins in HDL.

Heart attacks cause more than two hundred thousand deaths every year in India, making it the nation’s biggest killer. There are more than five million people suffering from heart disease and most of them are found with a high ratio of LDL.

Blood cholesterol is an important factor to be discussed by the health experts, and more and more research into appropriate as well as more powerful drugs to deal with LDL should be carried out. When these drugs are developed, they should be introduced at once to minimize the increasing number of deaths caused by heart problems.

The heart is the major organ of the living body. It should be in proper order at all times as the standard of life of every human being is maintained by the heart.

Garlic and fish oil could be used in abundance to reduce the fear of ‘Bad Cholesterol’ and all those foods known to increase LDL should be avoided to protect the heart.


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