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Good-news for H.B.P Patients.


High Blood Pressure is a very common ailment in India as well as U.K. I have come to learn from my recent educational tour on health care in Great Britain and around that millions of Britons suffer form High Blood Pressure. More than 40,000 deaths are noted per year and if nothing concrete is done about the matter, the number may increase. It is becoming more common as I have seen and found from my research that people in England in general drink more of alcohol and are used to junk food in abundance with an excess of salt. Most of the food they eat starting from Chips, Chocolates, Ice-cream, Burgars, Drinks like coke and pep all are fat producing.

Whereas in India, the middle class people and the people employed in the government offices work less and they take lot of fatty foods starting from rice, potatoes, Bananas, Ghee-made sweets, ground nuts and high calories drinks. The milk used in more ratio is of the buffaloes which increases B.P and cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure with not many symptoms except severe headache can very easily increase the risk of stroke and heart-disease.

Now the recent research by the health scientists have revealed that regular neck massages can surely lower Blood Pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack.

The experts on the subject have found that by massaging the neck with a good massage oil or cream which creates signals from the neck which play a key role in helping the brain maintain blood pressure and even heart rate in breathing which is affected by changing our postures. And the neck becomes stiff and not moving causing blood pressure and balance losing.

The Neck massage at such events could help the person on sending regular signals to the brain especially during stress and neck pain caused by changing the postures especially standing up too fast.

If enough care is taken in diet especially avoiding the salty and high calorie food and by regular massage on the neck there are all sure chances of a total control over High Blood Pressure and reducing the risk of heart problem.




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