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Girls who talk much about their problems.


The present research over the problem of young girls in Britain reveals that the grammar school and Uni girls in abundance who spend lot of their time talking and discussing their problems with their near friends-are found more prone to depression.

The research further says that teenage girls tend to dwell on their problems more than boys and consequently they are found blaming themselves when things go wrong and not to their expectations.

The experts on the issue are of the opinion that such young girls should be encouraged to discuss about their issues in a moderate way and should never be excited or emotional while talking to the friends. If they try to divert their minds far away from the worries of their problems, they could do better by pursuing an interest.

Some very young girls are found talking or discussing about their problem to an extreme which in the long run becomes emotionally unhealthy. It is never good when it touches the health part of the life.

It is further found that when certain problems continued for long and discussed continuously, it makes girls more prone to anxiety and depression. It does not help to reduce the problems but there are all chances of increasing the particular problems.

There are certain problems which some girls are unable to sustain or they are out of their control. It affects their minds and they are unable to give proper attendance towards their studies at school and their home-work at home. They become dull and less interested in their routine work at home. Sometimes they quarrel with their brethrens at home without any notable differences. At events they also give deaf ears towards the advice given by their elders at home and teachers at school. They are also found absent minded.

Sometimes the problem arises from their relation with their boy friends. Some of their boy-friends are not what they have taken them for. Some bring problems in the relation with the girls and the others increase their tension by behaving not proper with them.

Now if such girls talk too much about their problems now and then with any of their relation, they are to be blamed for the out come. It is better for them not to talk much about their all problems with their friends. There are certain things in life they are supposed to sort out themselves or should have patience to wait for the positive results. Most of the problems bothering them are surely going to be sorted out with the commencement of time.

It is good to pour out your problems as they come and seek advice on time before it is too late. But talking too much of your problems to any dick or tom of your contact is not good.




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