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Constipation: A cause of several problems


Constipation should never be over looked. It can ruin one’s health. It is not an easy thing to be tackled. It can be tedious and time consuming.

Constipation is nothing but the bi-product of your sluggish bowels mainly because of lack of intake of fibres in your food, not enough liquid mainly water, lack of enough exercise etc. Stress can also be the cause of constipation.

One who eats food should pass out the stools regularly. If he or she does not then they have constipation.

People with the right diet are far from constipation. People taking enough fruits, vegetables and fluids on regular basis hardly have constipation. People fond of heavy foods, sweet foods, oily foods or say junk food without taking the major part of fibre foods are the victims of constipation.

Cleaning bowels with laxatives is not the right solution of constipation. But it is good to keep your bowels clean by all good means when you have constipation.

People taking at least eight glasses of liquid everyday and nearly 30 Gms of fibre in food are on the right path.

One should keep away his diet from oil that has been removed from their sources like olive, soy oil or liquid vegetable to get relieved from constipation. Oils not only create constipation but they are also responsible for many other digestive problems.

Such oils are said to be forming a film in the stomach which makes it difficult to digest proteins and carbohydrates in the small intestine. Proper digestion is delayed for long causing putrefaction, gas and toxins which harm colon.

If one needs to eat oil for good, he should eat in the natural form as whole nuts, avocadoes and corn where the natured oil is  released slowly into the body avoiding block digestion and create constipation problems.

Choose food properly. Have choice on green peas, apple, bran cereal cooked dried beans, figs, popcorn, oat meal, pear and nuts.

Increase your fibre intake slowly and not at a go for safe otherwise you will face gas problems.

Exercise is the best media to deal with constipation. The exercise which is good for your heart is also good for your bowels. In the series of exercises, walking adequately in the morning, evening and at night will be best for avoiding constipation…

Take two glassful of warm water first thing in the morning and walk for a couple of miles and you would surely make your bowels clean. You can as well add the juice of a lemon in the warm water to be more effective.

You can also go for gym on regular basis. Yoga will help you fight with constipation. It is not always serious but when you find blood in your stools, ask for a doctor.

Go to the toilet not on your time but when you feel like having an urge of stools. At most events go in toilet after meals. You can as well sit and relax on the toilet span for about 10 minutes or even read newspaper and you will have a natural urge of stools.

Tension, night mare, fear are the causes of constipation. Just keep them away.

Having a hearty laugh regularly will help you out from constipation.

Take selected drugs if need arises, not any drugs that come in T.V or newspapers.




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