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Control Your Diabetes Yourself

My husband, an Ayurved doctor himself, who is very active, 5ft 10ins tall and weighing 76 kgs, developed Type 2 diabetes in his early fifties. At that time, he was very successfully advising several patients how to control their diabetes without the use of drugs or insulin injections.

Now it was his turn and he meant it.

Apart from the obvious banishment of his favourite confectionery such as chocolates and ice-cream, he carefully avoided sugary items; the basic principle is high glycogenic.

Most fruits and fruit juices, except oranges and apples were kept out of his diet because of the fructose, and so were full fat cheeses because of the lactose.

He took no sugar at all in tea, coffee or milk and used saccharin in coffee only. He removed rice and potatoes from his diet but found that large amounts of Karela and salads were good and helped to restore his health.

Regular walks of about 4 kms in the early morning and evening and a kilometer at night one hour after dinner, were sufficient exercises to reduce the small amount of sugar produced from his simplified diet. It was not easy in the beginning but as it began to work, he loved to do it and early morning exercise became his regular routine one.

Ten years on, his blood sugar has hardly risen beyond the acceptable limit. He does not seem to be cured as such, but he is free from taking any drugs or insulin so far. Sometimes, the blood sugar seems to be lower and he takes some sweet to normalize it.

If he maintains this regularity, hopefully he will never need to take any medicine for diabetes for the rest of his life.

Once in a while, he does venture to take some sugary food and if he finds that his glucose level has risen, he drinks a cup of Karela juice or a jambu juice and that restores the balance. He eats fruits such as oranges and a few grapes and he is fine with that.

Dieting is a nature cure system of healing. It works for many ailments – diabetes in particular. Walking is the best exercise for blood sugar if done regularly.

I very well understand how tough it can be to persevere with the nature cure, but I am sure it works, and is worth all the effort. It certainly prevents a diabetic patient from suffering the damaging side effects of taking anti-diabetic drugs.

My husband has no problem with his eyesight, although he visits the eye specialist twice a year. His memory, surprisingly, is improving with age and at the age of 73; his natural teeth still serve him well.


© H V Kerai


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