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Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind

Generally the mind of all mammals is divided into two sectors very commonly known as the Conscious Mind and the Sub-Conscious Mind.

The conscious mind controls mostly all our deliberate actions of organs of the body which are controlled by exercising will power, whereas the sub-conscious mind is responsible for controlling actions which are out of the range of our physical control.

Whatever we do during our sleep, including sweet dreams or nightmares, are part and parcel of our sub-conscious minds. Also, our past experiences – from the time of our birth to the present time, or even the experiences of our previous lives – represent our present-day lives and subsequent actions and reactions. Our intelligence and achievements, problems and set-backs are under the control of our sub-conscious minds.

The sub-conscious mind plays a large part in directing our lives, and will do so even while the conscious mind is against it, merely because it has no proper reasoning power. The sub-conscious mind accepts the suggestions as they are and acts upon them regardless.

The sub-conscious Mind is also known as the auto-pilot, in that it drives us to our destination without error, even when our conscious thoughts are elsewhere.

When the sub-conscious mind is in action, the conscious mind becomes free as it has no such important role to play. In such circumstances, the conscious mind drifts on to other thoughts. While the conscious mind is not in action, the sub-conscious mind takes over and guides us to our destination.

As an example, we usually drive safely to our place of work without taking too much notice of our surroundings, and even thinking of several other things, just because the sub-conscious mind is in action.


© H V Kerai


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