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The Abundant use of Cocaine in England


A United Nations report on cocaine usage in Europe shows that the British are the drug’s heaviest users

The report reveals that nearly one million people in England buy cocaine every year, significantly more than in the previous largest user, Spain, which is now lagging behind a number of other countries.

Furthermore the report also says that Britain has the largest number of heroin consumers, with nearly 360,000 recorded users. While major discussions continue at the UN on drugs and crime, in other countries drug abuse is either holding steady or decreasing because of successful law and order campaigns to inhibit the distribution, sale and consumption of illegal substances.

According to the report cocaine use has increased in England and it is now the second most widely used illegal drug in the UK after cannabis, the use of which has decreased due to stricter law-enforcement procedures and the publicity emanating from doctors and health officials on its potentially harmful effects.  Cannabis addicts were shown to be suffering from these which in turn helped to reduce the number of users.                         Cocaine use in Spain remains widespread because it provides the main route into Europe for South American drug-smuggling couriers. Spain also has a large Latin American population, of whom nearly 50% are users of the drug.

British tourists in Spain are also prominent cocaine users. They also use more of it in Spain than they do at home, where the overall increase in use is due to a decrease in the price.

However, the news is not all bad. In Britain the Home Office has a good record on reducing cocaine and heroin use, an achievement ascribed to a strategy of enforcement, early intervention, education and treatment.

Drug-related crime and the harm caused by illegal drugs has fallen in England, reassuring news for those worried about the country’s future if strict measures over the use of cocaine had not been taken.

Using cocaine is illegal in Great Britain but that is of no great concern to addicts or suppliers. Its use is harmful to health and the NHS is spending millions on treating the ailments that are caused by this ‘devil drug’.

It also affects the social life of the people involved and it has been shown that a higher percentage of users are involved in criminal activity than non-user. Including the victims of cocaine use in a positive vision of the nation’s future will not be easy as self-discipline and good behaviour are qualities not commonly found in users.




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