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           An Affair with a married woman

                 [As told by my patient]

“Renu, a married woman of 28 years of age was my good neighbour during my stay in Kenya. I was single, alone and still in college. She was cooking for me apart form washing my clothes and cleaning my room. I used to pay her K. Shs. 1200/- per month for everything. She was a very loving woman with good public relation.

The husband was a carpenter and also a good natured gentle man. Both stayed peacefully without any set back. Their happy family life was the event of a public talk.

Both were in good terms with me and I stayed happily with their support. I was very comfortable and adjusted to my studies accordingly.

On the later stage, I came to realize that Renu was not so satisfied sexually with her husband. Her soft attitudes towards me revealed her feelings but so far she had never shown it openly. Changing her dress in my presence- asking me to clip her blouse from behind, her lifting of her petticoat to knee level without any special purpose, removing the piece of her sari from her bossom and exposing her boobs -all these gestures were the symptoms of nothing else but of flirting of an un-satisfied woman. Any he-man would lapse towards her flirting but I had my limits.

It was no good having any type of affair with a married woman who was being useful to me in my study life. But Renu continued doing all sorts of flirting with me to the time; I was with her being embraced and kissed by her.                       .                         The affair went one step further and the totally nude Renu and I were used to sleep with each other every time we got privacy. The time when her husband went out of station for couple of days on a business tour was the right time of out meeting. Her room was in the corner where no neighbour would ever see our movements at night.

I loved kissing her. I enjoyed with her alluring breast. Kissing her lovely nipples was the highlight of our sexual connection. I was happy sleeping with a sex-experienced woman who had lot to give as the sexual partner. She had her special techniques in sexual affair that helped me to stay long with her. Sometimes we had sex a couple of times to our satisfaction.

It was a pleasure to share each and every private moment with her and days passed without any hindrance. We took every opportunity to kiss each other and to touch the sexual parts of each other whenever we got little privacy. I enjoyed touching and pressing her alluring breasts very often that were her main attraction and my first choice.

But not good things have their days numbered and once to our bad luck, the husband of Renu came home before time and found us locked in the house. Only two of us. Renu’s clothes and hair revealed something unusual and none of us spoke for a while and I shirked away from the scene before the husband could say anything.

That was the end of my affair with a married woman. What could have happened if only we were caught red handed? But it was very difficult for me to face the situation and the very next day I shifted from there and decided never to see Renu again.

Within no time I found severe itching in my organ and found it painful to urinate. SOON I found infection in my organ and came to realize that I had already developed the venereal disease because of the sexual relation with a married woman.

I found ulcers developed in my mouth and it became very difficult for me to eat. I felt dizziness now and then and I found myself unable to carry any load. Perhaps, all those ailments were the byproduct of my adultery sin. My sleeping with a married woman had brought all those problems.

I was treated by a doctor who warned me to avoid outside sex and surely never with a grown up married woman.

It took nearly two months for me to be cured fully with the expenses of about 15,000 Rs. That was really a great slap over my face for my mis-deeds.

And I decided not to have any affair with any other woman in future.”



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