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Aids, the Untrained Dragon

“AIDS” is a curse to the entire human race. The worst part of it is that it has no absolute cure. Its exact source is not traceable, although it is said to be transmitted from the American continent. Now it has stretched its hazardous and infectious wings throughout the globe. Tourists, very fond of a variety of sexual tastes, played a major role in introducing the perilous seeds of Aids to the African continent, and parts of India.

During my involvement as a special member on the National Committee of Aids in Kenya, I invested much time and energy to weed out the source of the devil; I came to know that it grows like wild vegetation, and from many sources. We worked towards prevention, as we were unable to find a cure.

Prostitution and adultery is widespread in Kenya, and it played a major role in spreading infectious diseases so quickly. White tourists and foreign servicemen were partial to black women, and the black women preferred white customers bringing them prestige and plenty of money allowing them sex without condoms. This spread the pollution throughout the nation, and it became very difficult for the Government to face the truth, as Kenya depended so much on the tourism industry.

Aids are today the world’s greatest and number one enemy of mankind. The modern world has invented weapons capable of destroying the entire human race within few hours. Nuclear weapons are stockpiled which could obliterate our civilisation in the wink of an eye. Modern science has been highly successful in wiping out infectious and deadly diseases like smallpox, chickenpox, polio, plague, T.B., and even making inroads against cancer, which at one time was considered to be an inescapable messenger of death. We have seen people surviving the cruel jaws of a brain tumour, and other hostile attacks on the human body. But for the foreseeable future, it seems unlikely that people can be rescued from the grip of Aids.

The world of science, the union of very strong civilisations, and the amazingly inventive human brain which is capable of performing miracles, are all helpless and unable to face and fight the demon of Aids. The untamed dragon is moving freely on the globe, destroying thousands of people every week. The number of fatalities crushed by the stroke of merciless Aids is beyond the understanding of the common man. The amount of money spent to fight and endeavour to tame the devil is more than the amount which can feed the particular part of the world for years to come. The money and equipment used to fight Aids is more than that would be needed to wipe out total starvation and poverty from few of the African countries.

Floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters cause the damage which is nothing but the penalty from the Nature for our evil deeds. Wars, riots and terrorism are man-made catastrophes, but the world has yet to find the true cause of the striking of devil Aids, let alone the idea of destroying it.

Aids have still to face a just and equally strong challenger in its one-sided attack.  Our vast and very costly research centres are issuing hopes and promises of producing deadly weapons to control the strike of Aids venom, which has no limits. People of all races, ages, religions, colour and sex are in the cruel jaws of the Aids dragon. Even holy priests, bishops, prophets, saints, missionaries, social workers and other such people are at the mercy of this devil. It has polluted churches, temples, mosques, pagodas and many religious centres, which were supposed to be clean and pure, far from the pollution of sex. The main core and workshop for demon Aids is SEX.

Sex, which was previously considered to be a most respectful and privileged act, came to be considered as a prominent entertainment for human life. Sex, which was a restricted practice between married couples only, came to pollute the human race to such an extent that in some parts of the said civilised world, a man and a woman introduce themselves after sleeping together or after enjoying sex. Sex, which was considered to be the matter of “Adults only” and which was for a long time a mysterious issue, came to be an open affair even among teenagers.

Present day teenagers and school children have a profusion of knowledge about sex, and many children before becoming teenagers have already had sexual experiences. Schoolgirl pregnancy has become a headache for both parents and school. Sexual relations between schoolchildren and their teachers are also not uncommon.

In so-called modern societies, we hear a mother advising her young daughter to take contraceptives in her purse before going out, especially if she has a boyfriend. We have cases of young girls of ten to twelve years surrendering to older boys for the price of some gifts or pocket money. At the same time we hear of girls of about 15 years taking birth control pills regularly.

Sex has crossed the boundaries of relationships, and we hear now and then of a father-in-law and daughter-in-law having an affair leading to pregnancy, or an elder brother impregnating the wife of his younger brother. Extra-marital sex stretched its wings in boss-secretary affairs, and working colleagues arrange an affair on the weekend. Colleges turned a blind eye to “boy-meets-girl” affairs and sex became very common in collegiate life.

Mostly, mention of love is nothing but the desire for sex. Love affairs had no other deep meanings and sex was given a free hand in all areas, and it crossed its limits and boundaries, and the pollution started. Aids with its killer weapon encountered the human race and kills thousands of people every year without any mercy.

Prostitutes became commercial centres of sex, and brothels were visited by all sorts of people, regardless of their status. Pubs, nightclubs, sexual magazines and films, and provocative dress became the main sexual media. Present day television showing erotic sexual programmes and nudity in advertisements with no censorship plays a major role in polluting the minds of thousands of people, who either visit brothels or satisfy their sexual lust by committing adultery, or in the worst cases, leading to rape.

Sex became the polluted part of life and the common dish for many people. It is no good eating from the same dish without washing it properly. No one would like to eat from a dirty dish. This cleanliness principle was not maintained in the sexual feast, and infection took hold. The religious scriptures and leaders have failed to control the situation.

Sex with anybody, any time, at any place gave rise to venereal diseases. Prostitutes did not think in detail about their situation, and agreed to sleep with any type of person regardless of their circumstances. Brothels, prostitutes, call girls, a girl with many friends, a married woman sleeping with outsiders, and sex with sick people or with genital infections became the source of venereal diseases, and Aids, the worst type of venom-pouring dragon, encountered the sex-hungry human race. Adultery played an important role in promoting the seedlings of Aids. The misuse of sex, adultery, and the obsession for various sexual tastes became the propaganda of the cruel dragon.

Aids are a highly infectious disease. A single HIV-infected prostitute is capable of infecting thousands of males and females in no time. There are thousands of such HIV-infected prostitutes on the globe who are responsible for millions of Aids victims, counting their days until death.

Doctors, barbers, dentists, and other professionals all have to be careful and take precautions. They may unwittingly serve as agents of Aids by re-using their tools without proper treat. There are all chances of the brute Aid to stretch its wing through those same tools for another client without proper treat.

Otherwise, the use of condoms is a good precaution against Aids if everyone does the same. Even married couples in certain areas are forced to use them, which is unfortunate and unnatural. In today’s world, whom to trust? Aids have wiped out the trust between a wife and husband. What to do? Have we really any alternative or choice? The fear of Aids has undermined the relationship of a married couple. Suspicion and doubt have replaced trust and faith.

AN Aids-infected person loses the power to fight against diseases. Analysis of his blood shows the number of white cells to be between 25,000-80,000. He may suffer from various ailments such as headache, fever, stomach problems, TB, tonsil, liver or skin problems, anaemia and cancer. He drastically loses weight, becoming a walking skeleton, and suffers from exhaustion. He faces extreme and very painful problems with urinary tract infections. An Aids victim loses the smile on his face and the charm of life. He loses interest in his existence and struggles for survival without any hope of a good future. He struggles to survive without any future. At many times he thinks of creating suicide which he thinks to be a great relief to his life worse than hell.

An HIV-infected person under whatever circumstances becomes a victim, and should never be condemned, criticised, abused or ignored. His severe condition should not be overlooked and he should never be left at the mercy of his fate but should be looked after properly with a sympathetic heart. He should never feel himself as neglected or condemned person.

He should be housed in a separate room with all his belongings for only his use. His towels and bedding should be washed regularly and separately in medicated boiling water. All his crockery and utensils should be washed in boiling water. The sanitary ware should be cleaned with antiseptic medicated water.  His room should always be kept clean. By complying with this, he may feel shunned or rejected, but one has to make him understand that he is being taken care of and never ignored.

He or she should be encouraged to watch television and films, and given plenty of good reading material. He should be encouraged to write to newspapers and magazines about his experiences and trained to talk in public about Aids, and be prepared to advise others how to avoid this killer disease.  He should be encouraged to face the public and talk frankly about his condition, without feeling inferior. If he is able to render advice of prevention, he could very well save many ignorant and innocent people being prey to the killer disease.

Although there is no cure for Aids, all available treatment should be given to him, as well as treating the various types of diseases manifesting in his body. He should be never left to die at the mercy of Aids which, although inevitable, should not be presumed. The limited survival period should be made as comfortable and tolerable as possible and he should not be allowed to be the victim of hell before his destined time comes. We should try to ease his survival with every possible tool or he may feel his only alternative is suicide or starvation until death.

It is high time the Government, social and welfare organisations came forward and opened up special centres for victims of Aids with full recreational facilities allowing comfortable survival while awaiting death. The centre should be some distance from large populated districts and in a very healthy and beautiful area and surroundings. The victims should be allowed and encouraged to spend their remaining days for the general benefit of society and the nation as a whole by contributing their articles and giving public lectures. They should be interviewed on television programmes passing the message to thousands to inform the ignorant. Their period of waiting for death should be a productive and inspirational time.

Not all Aids victims are infected because of sexual pollution, so they should not be blamed or condemned. There are many cases of Aids where the infected persons have never had sex apart from with their life partner. This infectious disease has gripped many innocent persons through the transmission of the germs through contaminated blood transfusions and other medical interventions, needles, pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is really a very sad situation for such persons as they are condemned to a shameful life through no fault of their own. They suffer the penalty for a crime they never committed. Although staying faithful to her husband, a wife could easily get Aids from her infected husband by fulfilling him, as she is unable to take precautions because of her limited circumstances.

There are children born with Aids and old people longing sex being polluted by Aids. Once a victim of Aids is diagnosed, he has probably already infected a number of people without realising. General doctors do not specialise in this disease and there are very limited facilities in most of the rural centres, so often the victim is only diagnosed in the later stages when he has already passed the germs of Aids to several people around him through various means without being aware.

To avoid the spread of Aids is very difficult if not impossible, especially in the poor class of people and slum areas where it is very difficult to have separate facilities for victims, and it is not feasible to take preventative measures against this killer disease.

It is high time the Government should intervene in such cases and open centres for the affected people where specially trained staff is engaged. The Government should utilise the public media in abundance for the public awareness.




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